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"Repechage’s One-Minute Exfoliating Mask – Exfoliating once a week is vital for optimal skin cell renewal. Repechage’s One-Minute Exfoliating Mask includes ingredients such as fresh cooling cucumber, and a blemish-fighting active ingredient from lily of the valley. This formula is an extremely convenient and doable add-on to your anti-aging regimen."

April 2014


"Repêchage Conditioning Lip Gloss in Aura.

Wear alone for a sheer neutral look or apply over lipstick for luminous accent."

March 2014


One-Minute Exfoliating Mask


Aura Lip Gloss


"Age Spots and Dark Mark Be Gone!

"I feel less confident when my skin doesn’t look as flawless or radiant as I would like...

Fortunately, great products exist that work. Recently, I came across Repêhage’s Biolight Body Corrector and have incorporated it into my daily skin regime for the past couple of weeks....

I can already see results: my age spots and dark marks fading away."

March 2014

From Beauty Launchpad

"From inauspicious beginnings to celebrity clients and a skincare empire, Repêchage’s Lydia Sarfati is truly living the American Dream.

So What’s next for this beauty maven?
The recently launched Lamina Lift Mask, which brightens and lightens skin while increasing microcirculation in less than 20 minutes."

February 2014


Biolight Body Corrector


Lamina Lift Mask