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03/30/15 Great product (3/30/2015)
These pads are Amazing ! I tried them once form my wife and now I use them all the time and I have no puffiness under my eyes ! I would recommend to everyone

Oleg - New Jersey USA
Mommy's Secret (12/17/2014)
Love, Love, Love the Eye Rescue Pads!
I set my alarm 5 mins earlier in the morning and put these on. By the time my alarm goes off, ( or my kids wake me up) my bags and puffiness are gone. I also suffer from allergies and these make me feel so much better!
So thankful to my stylist for recommending these to me.

Rebecca - NY
Great while masking! (12/16/2014)
I love to put these on when I do a mask at home.

Emily - New Jersey
eye rescue. (5/30/2012)
these pads work great on my purry eyes. i use them and have no puffiness. i mean: no bags whatsoever.

geraldine - massachusetts