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Skin Aging: Love the Skin You’re in!
February 12, 2016

As you get older, you start to appreciate how good you had it in your teens and 20’s – except for perhaps the occasional breakout (and always at the worst time!) your skin was free of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and age spots. Unfortunately with age these things happen. Here are some recommendations for natural, non-surgical ways to treat these common skin concerns.  Recommendation number one?  No matter what, remember to ALWAYS love the skin you’re in!

Concern: Wrinkles

Don’t you wish you could go back to the days of when wrinkles didn’t exist? Unfortunately we haven’t yet created a way to travel back in time, but we do have peptides. Certain peptides, such as Biomimetic Messenger Pentapeptides, found in our Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream, can help boost collagen production.  Collagen provides strength to the skin structure, and decreases with age due to reduction in estrogen levels. Reviving normal collagen production can help plump up the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

(Results shown using Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream)

Concern: Fine Lines + Crow’s Feet

For expression lines, fine lines, and crow’s feet, peptide technology can also help. Argireline Hexapeptide in particular helps to relax your facial muscles and firm the skin. An ingredient derived from almonds, called 3D Almond Bipolymer, can also help target lines and wrinkles by, literally, “lifting” out the appearance of lines. Both are the key players in our “botox in a bottle” as we like to call it - our Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum. See before/after below:


10 Minutes after application of Repechage Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum 

(Credit: Instagram @divinecomplexions_)

Concern: Age Spots

If you lived in an era where sun bathing was in and sun protection barely existed, hyperpigmentation or dark spots (aka age spots or sun spots) might be apparent on your face, neck, chest and body. This is an unfortunate effect of the lack of awareness about the damaging effects of the sun at the time. Now that we know better, it should encourage you to protect your skin with an environmental protection with natural sunscreens like zinc oxide on a daily basis to prevent further spots from forming. To treat existing hyperpigmentation, natural skin brightening ingredients such as bellis daisy, watermelon extract, kojic acid, licorice root extract, and Hexapeptide-2 found in in our Biolight Collection should be part of your daily skin care regimen.

(Results shown using Biolight Miracle Facial and products, Credit: Instagram @beautyzenspa)

Concern: Eye Puffiness + Dark Circles

Eye puffiness and dark circles can happen at any age, but years of modern day stresses such as too many long nights, a family to take care of, or a job that takes up your time, can really start to show more around your eyes. Besides making an effort to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, your eyes need special attention. An eye cream with peptides such as Dipeptides and Tetrapeptides, and Chrysin, a natural ingredient from honeycomb that helps enhance the enzymes responsible for clearance of colored compounds, can help dark circles and puffiness. Eye Pads saturated in tea extracts can further help reduce puffiness, as teas are known for their anti-oxidant benefits.

(Results shown using Opti-Firm Eye Contour Cream)

Concern: Pimples

This may seem like a teen-only concern, but getting pimples as an adult happens as a result of our hormonal changes. Besides taking daily care of your skin with a proper skincare routine, the best way to avoid a zit from messing up your dinner plans is to have an overnight pimple cream on hand. Remember: Don’t pick, don’t pop - let a professional pimple solution do the work.


If any of these aging skin concerns are affecting you, don’t be discouraged! Invest in proper skin care and a good esthetician who can help treat these anti-aging concerns and stay beautiful for life!

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Skin Aging: Love the Skin You’re in!