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One Weird Thing Your Stomach And Skin Have In Common
May 20, 2016

Did you know your stomach and your skin both have something in common? They both crave nourishment! The thing is, your stomach is willing to let you know right away when it wants some nutrients. Your skin? You might not notice it's starving until it’s too late! Even though the stomach can sometimes feel like it’s your biggest organ (especially right before lunch), skin actually wins that award. Here’s the best part though: Your skin can snack on the same things you crave to eat! And it doesn’t have to be wheatgrass and cauliflower.

Here we highlight different ingredients that are featured in our new FUSION Express Bar & Spa Masks and at-home products, which are great to munch on but are even better on your skin!



Coconut oil isn’t just for hair gurus, body builders and macaroon lovers, it’s amazing for your skin too! For such a hard, rough nut, coconuts produce an oil that makes your skin silky smooth. Coconut oil is primarily composed of saturated fats and medium-chain fatty acids that help hydrate the skin. Coconut oil provides a great protective barrier. It strengthens underlying skin and helps remove excessive dead cells on the skin’s surface.

So besides coconut, what else is brown and white and delicious all over?


Vanilla anything may be tasty, but it has many skin benefits too! Derived from the seed pods of a tropical orchid, it can be used in the treatment of acne due to its antibacterial properties. Vanillin, a main component in vanilla, helps cleanse your skin. It is also rich in antioxidants which help prevent and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. Vanilla contains a large amount of B vitamins such as niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid which help maintain healthy skin.

Our next ingredient is frequently found EVERYWHERE, and has become as much of a fall staple as Halloween. We like it. We like it a latte.


Good for carving, great for chucking, even better for your skin! Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, which soothes and softens the skin. It is also rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reverse the damage caused by free radicals. When used in skin care products, pumpkin nourishes the skin and promotes the absorption of nutrients. It can also promote healthier skin by fighting, controlling oil levels and preventing the appearance of acne.

The only thing that can make us drop our pumpkin spiced sweets is the next ingredient, a cornerstone of cultures as divergent as ancient Mexico, Northern Europe and Hershey, PA (perhaps a keystone of culture here…).


If you’re a chocolate lover, and who isn’t… we’re sure you’re familiar with the multiple health benefits of chocolate. But even if you’re not, we’ll bet your skin is! Studies have shown that cocoa powder contains flavonoids that absorb UV light, help protect the skin, and increase blood flow to the skin. The skin becomes more hydrated and the skin’s complexion is improved.

Tell that to yourself the next time you eat that whole bar of chocolate in one sitting! So what do you wash it down with when you want to keep the healthy vibes going? Green tea? Or perhaps green tea’s more successful, more refined cousin that’s 10 times richer (in antioxidants!)? We’re talking of course about…


Remember all the buzz about how healthy green tea is a few years ago? You weren’t getting the full story! There’s a supercharged green tea out there that’s literally ten times better than regular green tea, and it’s called Matcha! Highly revered and harvested with great care in Japan, Matcha is a finely-milled, high quality green tea, considered one of the finest teas in the world because it is made from the leaves of a specially shaded tea bush. Rich in chlorophyll, Matcha is an excellent source of antioxidants. The catechins present in green tea may also slow down the aging process. Also high in amino acids, like L-theanine, Matcha provides a slow and stable energy boost without any caffeine crash.

We can already hear green tea shouting, “Matcha, matcha, matcha!” Enough beeting around the bush though, let’s get the root of these next few berry beneficial ingredients.



This tiny little berry is actually one of the largest sources of antioxidants by proportion! Blueberries are rich in Vitamins A and C. They are a good source of antioxidants which helps protect the skin from environmental damage. It can also leave the skin looking younger and softer by reversing the signs of ageing. Blueberries contain vitamins, such as Vitamin A, which help normalize oil levels in the skin.


We already established that chocolate is a health food, but now you can add chocolate covered strawberries to that list! Yes, that very red berry is a little powerhouse of nutrients! Strawberries contain vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants, and exfoliants which make it a great skin cleanser. The salicylic acid present can remove dead skin cells and tighten pores. It can also clear acne and reduce oil production. Ellagic acid, which is also present in strawberries, acts as an antioxidant and reverses damage caused by free radicals. Strawberries also have astringent properties that can aid in reducing puffiness and circles under the eyes. The vitamin C present in strawberries promotes collagen production, giving the skin more elasticity and a youthful appearance.


Beets, beets, they’re good for your skin, and help you unlock the beauty within! Beet root is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of redness and acne. When ingested, beet root helps remove toxins and excess water from the body, leaving the skin looking healthy and clear. Beets also help the skin stay hydrated and supple. Moreover, they promote the removal of dead skin cells. Due to the presence of antioxidants, this red veggie help protect the skin from premature aging caused by free radicals. Lycopene, which is found in beet root, maintains the skin’s elasticity as well.

We bet you can’t wait until it’s berry season now! Luckily you don’t have to wait for a FUSION Mask. The final ingredient, well, we saved the zest for last.


Everyone knows orange juice is great for your health (and part of a balanced breakfast), but orange blossom water is just as good for you! Made as a byproduct of steam distillation from the blossoms of an orange tree, orange water is useful in refining pores and restoring skin vitality. Due to its mildly astringent properties, orange water is able to refresh oily skin and prevent blemishes.

And now, orange you glad we gave you all these tips?

Ask for a Fusion Express Bar and Spa Mask treatment at a salon or spa near you and experience the skin benefits of these foods for yourself!

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One Weird Thing Your Stomach And Skin Have In Common