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Everyone is grateful to be heading outdoors right now. After months of being cooped up, your skin is probably in need of a good head to toe skin care program, however. Your skin care professional can provide you with wonderful treatments that help to remove all the excess dead skin cells to reveal glowing, healthy-looking skin and get you smooth and bikini ready, but there’s also lots of things you can do on your own in between appointments to rev up from head to toe to really get skin glowing. Here we’ve put together some of the best tips we know from professionals on how to show your body some love this summer.


1. Keep Skin Hydrated with Pure, Potent Seaweed Extracts:

We all know the benefits of sports drinks that contain electrolytes, especially in the summer, but electrolytes can be beneficial for summer skin, too. Internally, electrolytes interact with each other, and it is in this balance that healthy bodily function is created.  This includes balancing the amount of water in your body, the body’s acid or pH level, help move nutrients into your cells and wastes out, as well as maintain proper function of major organs such as the heart and brain, nerves and muscles. Research has found that the some seaweeds such as Laminaria Digitata and Ascophyllum Nodosum, contain high levels of electrolytes such as Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iodine.2  They are also high in vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to all smooth the appearance of the skin.

Opt for a Seaweed Body Cream, formulated with these two Seaweed extracts as well as Vitamin E, and Ginkgo Biloba to leave skin silky smooth with a visible reduction in dryness and flakiness.  

PRO TIP:To help reduce dryness and flakiness, revitalize skin and create a smooth surface for body cream application, dry brush your skin in a circular motion, shower, then apply cream. Do this prior to an evening bath as well. 


2. Stop the Jiggle:

A year of inactivity, compounded by stress, hormones and poor diet can all contribute to the appearance of cellulite, that unslightly orange-peel, dimpled skin that can appear on thighs, upper arms, and your stomach. Good for you if you are embracing a healthier lifestyle now that we can get out. The new Vita Cura® CelluSea Lift™ Body Contour Cream can be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program to restore and renew the appearance of body contours. This rich cream is also powered by three Seaweed extracts, Caffeine and potent, skin-enhancing Coenzyme A to help smooth the appearance of the skin. It also utilizes an advanced natural biopolymer complex of Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract and Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract, which has, in previous studies, displayed proven efficacy in providing a visibly lifting and smoothing effect. Together, these ingredients help to reduce the appearance of dimpled, orange-peel skin in all areas of concern, while a Grapefruit and Peppermint essential oil blend provide a stimulating and invigorating aroma.   

PRO TIP: You can enhance the efficacy of the creams by first applying to area of concern then gently massaging with a LED device set on Red to help the ingredients penetrate deeper into the superficial layers of the skin surface. 


3. Exfoliate Head to Toe:

Summer is a great time to exfoliate using products that are based on mineral rich sea salts to help slough off dead skin cells to reveal soft, smooth, glowing skin. Sea Spa Glow All Over Body Scrub is an energizing all-over body scrub is based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea and infused with hydrating and moisture-binding Laminaria Digitata, Ulva Lactuca and Chondrus Crispus Seaweed extracts combined with refreshing Mint and soothing Aloe. Delicate areas such as the décolleté and chest should be avoided, so for these areas, use a sugar scrub that contains antioxidant rich Matcha Green Tea and Seaweed such as the FUSION™ Matcha Lemongrass DEEP CLEANSE Face & Body Sugar Scrub, which also includes deep cleansing and, Lemongrass, Aloe, and a Multi-Fruit AHA Complex to reveal skin that looks and feels rejuvenated and refreshed.

PRO TIPS: Do not use a mineral salt based exfoliator on skin that has just been shaved. To create an even more spa-like, multi-sensorial experience, boost the scent of the scrub with a few drops of Peppermint Oil. 


4. Soothe and Soften Trouble Spots:

Rough elbows, knees and heels can be particularly problematic, especially in summer. For these areas, use a concentrated balm that helps support the skin’s natural barrier. Hydra Dew Pure™ Elixir Balm uses traditional Mastic Oil from the island of Chios, Greece, and Seaweed extract to help create an immediate sensation of comfort, while Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil help soften and lock in moisture. This unique balm is dermatologist-tested, and can be used anytime on extra dry, compromised areas or patches. 

PRO TIP: After applying, work the balm further into the skin surface by giving yourself a relaxing and beneficial massage with a Kansa Wand. Based on Ayurvedic tradition, this portable, hand-held esthetic tool has a carved, seasoned wood handle for better grip and handling with a bronze cap, an alloy created by lead-free copper and tin. When used in conjunction with seaweed-based Repêchage® skin care products, this massage tool will naturally help to improve the appearance of toned skin.



5. Get Healthy, Shiny Summer Hair:

Sun, wind and heat can all damage hair as much as skin. Rescue tresses from summer stress and keep it shining with a Seaweed-rich hair serum such as the Hydra-Amino18® Hair Spa Serum. Used as a daily styling aid prior to drying to help protect hair, as an intensive conditioning treatment, or on dry hair as a finishing product, this silicone-free hair serum provides a spa and salon-quality hair treatment at home, and is based on skin care ingredients, formulated with Repêchage®’s exclusive Laminaria Digitata Seaweed extract. This extract is a potent concentrated filtrate with 18 amino acids that act as building blocks of protein to help nourish stressed, damaged hair, while 12 vitamins and 42 trace elements and minerals infuse hair with shine, leaving hair visibly renewed. This rich serum is also rich with nutritive botanical oils such as Marula Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Safflower Seed Oil, as well as antioxidant Vitamin E to help lock in and restore hair’s essential moisture, leaving the hair surface smooth while helping to protect from further damage from heat styling and the environment.  

PRO TIP: In summer, sweat and oils can accumulate on the scalp area, weighing the hair down. Apply hair serum mid-way down hair shaft to ends and comb through, avoiding the root and scalp area to enhance the appearance of hair volume.   

What are some of your favorite tips and treats to keep summer skin glowing? Let us know in the comments below.


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