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5 Weird Places to Break Out and How to Treat Them
August 12, 2016


Breakouts on your eyebrows, your ears, your butt?  As if pimples on your face aren’t bad enough! We know that when you see pimples in areas that you’d least expect them, it can be very frustrating. That’s just what we are here for!  Pimples on random areas of your body can happen. Here are some of the hot spots you may find breakouts, and real solutions to treat them.

  1. Your eyebrows.

Just like eyebrow dandruff or flaky eyebrows can occur, so can pimples on your brows.  Follicles can get clogged from using makeup and different products to make your brows look fuller or stay in place.  If they’re not getting cleansed thoroughly each day and night, breakouts can occur.

How to treat:  Don’t skimp on cleansing them---use your facial cleanser to gently wash brows as well.  If flaky eyebrows are an issue, watch our video: how to get rid of flaky eyebrows. If breakouts are a continuous problem, exfoliate them thoroughly 2-3 times a week with your facial exfoliator.

  1. Your ears.

You probably have blackheads in your ear and may not even know it, but when a pimple comes on you can usually feel it. Like your brows, you may be skipping out on cleaning this area of your skin regularly. With natural oil build up and hair products that contain pore clogging ingredients like Isopropyl Myristate that can drip down into your ears and ear lobe when you’re showering, pimples and blackheads can happen.

How to treat:  Treating ear pimples is similar to how to treat blackheads in your ears. Apply an astringent with salicylic acid onto a cotton swab and move around the inside and behind ear (Note: Do not put cotton swab inside ear canal). Salicylic acid provides controlled exfoliation with to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and blackheads.

  1. Your butt!

Don’t be embarrassed – you’re not the only one experiencing butt acne. It’s a real thing! Most commonly, it’s a result from sweat getting mixed with bacteria that’s on your skin. (i.e. if your skin is touching a bacteria-filled workout machine at the gym)

How to treat:  Watch how to clear up and prevent butt acne to hear tips from skin care expert and our CEO/Founder, Lydia Sarfati, on how to treat it, and like a pimple on your face, treat these pimples with an overnight pimple cream.

  1. Your back.

What goes down, must go up.  Similar to why it may happen on your butt, perspiration mixed with bacteria can create acne on your back.

How to treat: Watch our video to get tips from a licensed esthetician on how to deep cleanse your back.

  1. Under your jaw, neck, and décolleté.

Are you bringing makeup down to your neck and underneath your jaw? Wearing high-collared shirts or jackets or talking on a cell phone that bumps up against your jawline? If so we, hope you’re bringing your cleanser down to these areas too. All of these factors, even just the oils from your hair and fingers can result in pimples popping up on under your jaw, neck, and even décolletage.

How to treat: To nix zits in these areas bring your facial cleanser down to your neck line, refrain from touching these areas, and give your décolletage a deep cleanse 2-3 times a week. And clean your cell phone!

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5 Weird Places to Break Out and How to Treat Them