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Has Summer Taken a Toll on Your Skin?
August 19, 2016


We all love the summer time! Lemonade on the patio, beach chairs in the sand, hair in the wind, but your skin? Eh, not so much. All summer, your skin has been bombarded with nasty UV rays, sweat and sebum, and chemicals like chlorine. Not to worry though! Here, you will find great solutions to the most common summer problems to help reverse some of the effects that summer has had on your skin.



The sun is a double-edged sword in the summer. It’s the reason we love to go outside, but it’s also the reason we’ve been giving tips to protect your skin! Harmful UV rays can take their toll on your skin in these dog days, especially with these latest heat waves which seem to sneak up on us and last over a week.

Problem: Discoloration (dark spots), fine lines, dryness

Solution: If too much fun in the sun has led to some dark spots or skin discoloration, consider utilizing a full skin brightening routine (or at least adding a serum to help get your skin in the right direction!) Most importantly, finish off your routine with a mineral based environmental protection cream that contains zinc oxide. For those fine lines and dryness, a face serum with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known for being extremely moisturizing, is the perfect solution for skin that’s been soaking in the sun.



Has Michael Phelps and the hype of the Olympics inspired you to hit the pool this summer? The pool is a great way to exercise, but the chlorine breaks down the natural oils of your skin and depletes any good bacteria along with the bad. The results are dry skin that is stripped of nutrients.

Problem: Dryness

Solution: Give your face its nutrients back with a multi-vitamin serum (not just a serum with Vitamin C.) And, don’t forget about your body. Rehydrate and rebuild the skin’s barrier by using a body oil that delivers nourishing essential oils and much needed moisture.



What’s a summer without late nights? Unfortunately, sleep is when our body has a chance to heal and repair all of the damage done throughout the day, so when we deprive our body of sleep, it shows.

Problem: Puffy eyes, "raccoon eyes"

Solution: Reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes by using hydrating eye pads with seaweed and tea extracts for 10 to 15 minutes. Combine this with an eye gel and make an effort to drink your 8-10 glasses of water every day!



It’s been a hot one this summer, and that probably hasn’t helped your skin. Although sweat is your body’s way of staying cool and eliminating waste, it creates an environment perfect for bacteria to grow, which can lead to breakouts. And if your skin is sensitive, you’ve probably noticed a more rosy complexion as a result of the heat.

The Problems: Acne, redness, "problem skin"

The Solutions: Combat the buildup of oil, dirt and bad bacteria with a shower (duh). If the dirt and sweat have already done their damage with breakouts, consider using a face wash for problem skin. If redness has been your skin’s issue, consider a cleanser for sensitive skin with Micro Silver in it.


Find this information helpful or have questions about some other skin issues you’ve been experiencing this summer? Comment below!

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Has Summer Taken a Toll on Your Skin?