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What if you could follow a quick and easy beauty routine that exfoliates, leaves you looking radiant and feeling energized?

Well such a thing exists, and it’s called the dry brushing!

Often overlooked in beauty regimens yet indispensable, dry brushing offers a wealth of skin benefits making it a must for every skincare routine!

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a popular technique used by spa professionals, and has been used for centuries by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for its many skin benefits, including skin exfoliation.

The word exfoliation stems from the Latin ex-foliare, meaning removal of leaves, as we shed dead skin much like the trees of autumn shed leaves.

Unlike the rest of nature though, we don’t look so pretty with all those flakes hanging from us, so we must exfoliate early and often – which dry brushing can help do!

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

To get a picture of exactly how dry brushing at home can renew your beauty routine, read below and watch to see how to use a dry brush at-home!

Dry brushing helps give you smoother skin.

First of all let’s get the main one out of the way – exfoliation!

The amazing exfoliating power of dry brushing is unique from other forms of exfoliation like creams, peels or pumice stones, because of the fine balance struck by the firm, yet soft bristles.

Particularly, using a dry brush over areas of the body like arms, legs, and feet can help reveal softer, smoother skin.

With dry brushing, your beauty products are better absorbed.

You can expect your skin to be more receptive to moisturizing cream when exfoliating.

With all of the dead skin out of the way, your rich body butter and body contour creams will be better absorbed, letting you see softer, smoother skin quicker.

With dry brushing, your other beauty products will not run out as fast.

Gone will be the days of using half the bottle of lotion to hydrate your skin, because dry brushing gives your lotion legs!

Smoother skin means you need less product to cover a larger area since it isn’t getting trapped in all the microscopic crevasses of your skin.

It’s kind of like putting cream on a golf ball versus a pool ball.

Those dimples tend to accumulate more product, whereas with the pool ball, it’s smooth sailing all around.

Dry brushing can help you feel more energized.

If you’re kicking coffee to the curb and are looking for another pick-me-up in the morning, dry brushing can be the answer.

As bizarre as it sounds, dry brushing has been known to give some users a slight boost of energy that helps them get through the morning.

It could be from the awakening sensation of the bristles scrubbing your skin, or the vigorous movement you’ll be doing as you dry brush from head to toe.

Combine this with a caffeinated eye gel and caffeinated body creamand you’re good to go!

How to use a dry brush

So how do you dry brush?

Take your dry brush and beginning at the top of your body, brush in light, long strokes.

Start at your palms and brush towards the direction of your heart, and work your way down your body.

Beginning at the top of the body is important so your freshly exfoliated skin isn’t rained upon by dead skin cells.

This is a wonderful idea for long-term skin care – try it for a week and let us know how it’s changed the way you care for your skin.

So the next time someone tells you it costs a million dollars to practice daily skin care, brush that suggestion aside and let them in on a Beauty SEAcret!

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