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We are honored that you have selected Repêchage as your product choice for your clients and your business. Repêchage is committed to the professional spa and salon industry.

To uphold the rigorous standards Repêchage has maintained for over 30 years, all classes are designed to empower attendees with superior scientific knowledge, treatment performance and spa business information.
Requirements: These classes are open to all estheticians, cosmetologists, spa and salon owners, personnel, and esthetic students and undergrads.
Certificates are awarded after successful completion of each class and do not replace the required certification by your state. Repêchage certificates are to reflect only your knowledge of the Repêchage treatments and products.
Please see individual class descriptions for Academy fees. Class Fees include light refreshments, lunch, nonrefundable registration fees and product for hands on workshops.
Please bring your own writing material, lab coats for all hands on workshops and swimsuit for body therapy classes.
Repêchage Lydia Sarfati Academy
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300 Castle Road, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Business, Casual Attire is recommended