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Sea Escape Stone Therapy

Sea Escape Stone Therapy

Repêchage Sea Escape Stone Facial and Body Therapy is unlike any other stone therapy, because it creates a yin yang balance throughout your body by utilizing both hot and cold Sea Stones. During this 90 minute treatment, various sized stones that also vary in temperature are used as massage implements and are placed on key pressure points on your body to relieve tension.

The Sea Stones are used in conjunction with reflexology and lymphatic drainage for complete face and body relief. The treatment begins by placing a large Sea Stone on the abdomen, or as we like to refer to it, your yoga, to allow you to focus on proper breathing. The treatment follows by placing hot basalt stones rich in iron on your meridian points, including your underarms, chest, hands, and knees. Warm facial stones are then used to cleanse your skin, loosen debris, and emulsify oil. At the same time, a relaxing foot and hand treatment release tension, stress, and improves overall well-being.

Cold Sea Stones are then used to exfoliate and massage your skin, followed by a cold French seaweed mask and cold eye contour therapy to reduce puffy eyes. Finally, a hot mineral mask allows for total penetration of the layers of fresh European seaweed products to rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin for dramatic and long-term results.

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