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Eye puffiness, dark circles, eye bags, or fine lines? Lack of asleep, genetics and aging all can cause these eye area concerns to arise. Don’t worry though – we’ve rounded up tips to help keep your eyes looking youthful.

Wear an anti-aging eye cream or eye gel.

The skin around your eye area is as thin as a sheet of paper, making it super delicate. This thinness causes signs of aging to evolve more quickly than other areas. An anti-aging eye cream or eye gel, however, can help reverse those signs from occurring. Buy why should do you need an eye cream or gel in addition to using your moisturizer? Watch to learn why as well as how use eye cream correctly.

Wear eye protection.

Here’s a reason to splurge on a designer pair of sunglasses – they will help keep your eyes looking young! Exposure to UV light, just like your face, can take a toll on your eye area. If you’re driving, spending time outdoors, or even commuting to work, always remember to bring your glasses along. And, don’t forget to shield your eye area with anti-oxidant protection.

Incorporate more tea into your life.

But not just to drink – tea blends topically applied can be your eye’s best friend. For puffy, irritated skin around the eyes, teas are the answer to give your eyes a fresh of breath air. Specifically green and white teas, chamomile, as well as rooibos, can help combat puffiness, replenish moisture and have anti-aging benefits. Unlike tea bags which may only be saturated in one type of tea, our Eye Rescue Pads are saturated in a blend of teas in addition to seaweed (moisturizing and anti-oxidant), cucumber (known for its soothing and skin-tightening properties), and aloe (helps dry skin and flakiness).

Relax and get more sleep!

Add heavy, tired, puffy eyes and dark circles to the list of reasons why you should be getting more sleep each night! The cumulative effect of sleep deprivation combined with stress can accelerate the aging process especially around the eye area.

Get a professional eye treatment.

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We’ve explained why to get a facial, but what about trying a professional treatment specifically for your eyes? Next time you’re at your local salon or spa, ask for an Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment to help combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage. Made with peptides and seaweeds that target specific aging skin concerns, this is a safe and natural way to treat eye area problems without the expense and risk of surgical methods.


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