Lydia Sarfati and Repêchage: The Original Seaweed Authority

Repêchage Pure Seaweed Filtrate

At the heart of all the Repêchage products is our rich pure, exclusive seaweed filtrate. The Repêchage Pure Filtrate of Seaweed complex is derived by a proprietary extraction method that creates a fluid containing all the rich seaweed phyto-nutrients in their most potent form.

Why Seaweed?

At Repêchage, we are always conducting ongoing research for new applications of our seaweed as well as investigating the newest ingredients to help address problems relating to the skin.

What is the Magic of Seaweed and Repêchage?

  1. It used as plant nutrient in the deserts of Israel. And if it can hydrate the desert, imagine what it can do for your skin!
  2. Want your skin to look glowing? You can credit the use of seaweed with increased hydration and improves the complexion. Scientists believe that seaweed produces over 70% of the the earth's oxygen.
  3. Seaweed feeds itself through osmosis by absorbing minerals and vitamins from the seawater. By an exclusive proprietary method, Repêchage chemists expel the intercellular fluid from the fibrous seaweed tissue while retaining the activity of the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids.
  4. Researchers point out the almost uncanny similarity between seawater and human plasma, our intercellular fluid.  The sea covers over two-thirds of our planet, and, perhaps as no coincidence, the human body is made of two-thirds water as well.

Lydia Sarfati is known for her professional facial treatments, developing the world-famous Four Layer Facial®, deemed “facial of the century” by Cosmopolitan UK, but if you can’t get to one of her many spa resorts, the C-Serum® Seaweed Filtrate Face Serum is a way to achieve professional skin care results!

Seaweeds are not plants! They have no roots, stems or leaves but rather have parallel structures including holdfasts, stipes and blades.  They are able to uptake minerals by absorption and active transport from seawater and have close symbiotic associations with bacteria for important vitamins necessary for their growth.  Because of these processes, some seaweeds become a dense concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace-elements, macro-elements, phytohormones, amino acids, proteins and lipids.

World renowned skin care expert Lydia Sarfati has created professional facial treatments for skin care professionals around the world and is now giving you a chance to experience professional beauty at-home.

Why is using a face mask so important? One of the biggest skin care mistakes I see people making is not using face masks at-home,” she says. “Face masks help hydrate the skin, improve the appearance of pores, and can help give you younger looking skin. They are powerful skin care tools for anyone looking for a deep cleanse while locking in moisture and nutrients.

For Sarfati, as a world-renowned skin care industry leader and master esthetician, she is committed to developing only the best skin care treatments possible. With 40 years of experience in professional skin care, Sarfati develops made in the USA skin care products that combine the best ingredients from earth and sea.

And with Sarfati, developing skin care is like cooking for her family. “I love cooking amazing meals for my family and just as with cooking, when it comes to developing products, only the best ingredients will do!”

Try the C-Serum® Seaweed Filtrate Face Serum By Lydia Sarfati! You’ll love it.