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In this video beauty tip, Repêchage Executive Vice President Shiri Sarfati has some exciting news to share!

Hi I’m Shiri Sarfati and I want to share some exciting news with you today…I am pregnant! So, for the next couple of months I want to share with you some of my beauty tips on how to stay looking glowing and healthy and keeping your baby bump looking great before, after, and during your pregnancy. My first pregnancy tip is hand cream. I started using our Sea Spa Hand Cream as a wonderful moisturizer on my baby bump. If you look at a lot of the baby bump moisturizers on the market, they are based on Shea Butter, and so is this hand cream. One of its amazing properties is the wonderful Shea Butter. It’s extremely rich, extremely hydrating. It also has calming Chamomile, calming Lavender, and it’s just a great way to de-stress in the evening. Take a few moments at the end of the day and give yourself a wonderful aromatherapy treatment.

I actually leave this on my bedside. I take a few pumps – I’m really generous with this on my baby bump, and I massage it in clockwise motions around my growing belly. It’s really nice, its soothing, its calming, its relaxing. I say a few words to my growing baby, a little mantra, a little night chant, and just give them that peace and calm and soothing before we go to bed. It’s a really great routine that I do in the evenings, and then any time you come out of the shower…absolutely hydrate and moisturize your skin especially around your growing belly. You really want to prevent any stretch marks or any skin stretching; dryness can cause that, especially now as we’re approaching the winter months, we want to make sure to keep that area very nourished and very well hydrated. The Shea Butter and the seaweeds are great for moisture boosting. So I hope you enjoy this tip and get a little double duty action from your hand cream, and actually what I want to do for you as a special for the next couple months, through the end of April – around my due date, is that we will be selling the professional 16oz size of the Sea Spa Hand Cream for you through the end of April. You can keep this by your bedside and use this as a wonderful nourishing, hydrating cream all over. So, please like and share. I look forward to sharing with you many more beauty tips throughout my pregnancy. Please “like” and “share” if you liked my tip!

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