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There is nothing like unwinding after a long day, letting the water run, and relaxing in your tub. To make sure you are getting the most out of your bathing experience, we wanted to share with you our way to take a bath.



The really best time to take your bath and relax is before dinner. It’s the perfect way to get you settled in after a long day, and have your mind and body ready for a good night’s sleep.


You will need:

  1. Foaming Seaweed Bath
  2. Face Mask + Eye Rescue Pads
  3. Candles
  4. Music
  5. Moisturizers


Optional …

  1. Champagne (Even though, personally, this goes on my “need” list)


To get started, put on your soothing music and add Foaming Seaweed Bath as your tub begins to fill.


Before the tub is filled to the top, apply your favorite face mask. I love Repêchage Hydra 4 Mask. Then, fill your glass of champagne high, settle yourself in, pop on your Eye Rescue Padsand let the relaxation begin!


Once you’ve finished bathing, moisturize from head to toe. I first apply Nutrí Créme on those extra dry areas, such as the décolleté, feet, knees and elbows for a more intense moisturization. Next, I use my Body Contour Cream on the stomach, thighs, upper arms to tone and target any cellulite that may be in those areas. I follow up by applying the Repêchage Body Soufflé over the entire body and the Nutrí Oil on the more delicate areas of my body. Moisturizing is a must to leaving your skin smooth, refreshed, and youthful, so don’t forget this last step!


Next time you take a bath, keep these tips in mind! Thank you for watching!


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