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Valentine’s Day is around the corner which makes us think of the people we love the most, estheticians! Even though we know there are a million reasons, in this blog we’re going to give you seven great reasons to date an esthetician!

1. They’ll make you feel “kneaded.”

As in, they’re trained to give massages. ‘Nuff said.

2. You'll always look 100%.

Your friends will wonder if you got replaced by a clone or stopped some nasty habit, because you’ll look 10 years younger with your skin and hair looking on point all the time. And the best part is you won’t need to don those fancy spa duds like disposable sandals or the “unisex” robe which can fit awkwardly.

3. They're easy on the eyes.

Estheticians have the softest, most beautiful skin from head to toe on the planet. Yeah, they really do. And of course they’ll use their skills so you can have the best skin possible too!

4. They’re passionate and business savvy.

Some people are licensed jet pilots, some are licensed estheticians. You can be certain that with an esthetician as your partner, you have someone who faces tough circumstances every day and prevails, someone who knows how to manage and handle business, literally, and someone who knows time management and therapy. Better not slow down, because you can be sure they won’t.

5. They have hearts of gold.

They spend every moment of every work day connecting with people and helping them feel and look better. Putting others first and caring for them is what comes naturally to estheticians. This doesn’t mean you can get the fangs out and be an emotional vampire though. If you are there for them, you can be certain you’ll have someone there for you.

6. You’ll love their sense of humor.

Estheticians have the best sense of humor.  People walking around with sticks of wax up their nose? Bringing their dog in for a facial?  Bridal party day of beauty one week, divorce party the next?  Yes, they’ve seen and heard it all, so your corny jokes won’t phase them.

7. Body massages.

Did we mention massages yet?

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