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"This family-owned and operated company is committed to providing salons and professionals with the best services and products. By working with such a well-respected skin care company that has set the industry standards, I felt this would bring my clients a unique and proven spa experience."
— Lois Christie, Owner of Christie & Co. Salon & Spa, New York

Signature Facial and Body Treatments

"The Four Layer Facial is the best facial of the century." — Cosmopolitan, UK
Repêchage seaweed-based facial and body treatments are simply the best in the world. From the most renown facial in the world to the most cutting edge protocols, Repechage has been creating facial and body treatments based on natural, seaweed-based ingredients combined with advanced science and technology for over 35 years. Our professional treatments are globally recognized for good reason: the multitude of benefits. And we continue to develop new and better treatments for skin care problems based on the latest scientific research and advanced knowledge of techniques, technology and treatment. Sea the difference in our luxe facial and body treatments. 
Repêchage Esthetician performs express sheet mask treatment on a man


Our Research and development team is constantly searching for the latest in skin care technology. We make sure that we are delivering the very best so that you and your clients see and feel the results in their skin. Seeking solutions to skin care problems that we witness globally is our mission, and our results are effective long-term so that you can have great skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

Unique Delivery System

Repechage signature treatments are uniquely packaged to help you deliver the freshest product each and every time to your clients. Our facial kits take the guess work out of treatment applications with a unique uni-dose application system, with pre-measured steps and instructions to assure the same highly effective results.

Each treatment is open immediately prior to application and mixed in front of the client - no double-dipping, no dispensing. For the salon and spa owner, it ensures perfect inventory control so that you reap the profits of every single service. Now that's a smart treatment!
Repêchage Esthetician freshly mixing professional mask with unidose packettes

"The most gratifying aspects of being an esthetician is the therapeutic benefit we provide. Improving the self-image of my clients gives me 100% satisfaction." — Lydia Sarfati

Repêchage Esthetician shows client the beautiful results of the facial in a mirror

WOW Results

Repêchage facial and body treatments offer real alternatives to surgery PLUS the added benefit of creating beautiful, glowing skin instantly.  Repêchage treatments are unique in that they employ seaweed to help skin appear, softer and smoother so that the client can leave the salon looking better than she did when she came in.

Continue the service at home with innovative products: Every treatment has its ancillary at-home product to boost the service and maintain the skin until the next appointment.
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