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"Repechage and Lydia Sarfati possess the technology,  advanced products and services my clients require"— Brenda LeGrange, Owner, Spa E Miami, FL

Continued Results

Repêchage products are unique in that they combine salon treatment efficacy with the ease of at-home use. Every product is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to assure the most effective results, and help continue the benefits of in-salon service. It's like bringing home your Repêchage facialist!
The rich texture of the Repêchage Honey and Almond Scrub
The many products in the Repêchage T-Zone Balance Collection

The Product System

Repêchage products form a bridge between the client and the esthetician, allowing the client to continue to treat their skin in-between scheduled services. Products alone or services alone cannot equal the super-skin benefits of utilizing both in-salon treatments coupled with at-home products. And, while some of the Repêchage products are "made for each other,"  such as following C-Serum with Hydro Complex PFS, or Vita Cura Cell Renewal Serum with Triple Firming Cream, everything has been formulated to work with each other, so you can customize your program using products from different lines with the Rep êchage family of products.

"RapideX is one of the best selling products in Korea, and it is currently gaining explosive popularity!   Our customers are crazy about its excellent and immediate results, as well as its convenience in use. It exfoliates the skin very gently and makes the skin look beautifully glowing.  Needless to say, its unique tube shape has been innovative in the market and its effect is really incredible!"  — Jason Chin, Prestige Cosmetic, Korea

Easy Product Recommendation

Providing proper consultation and recommendation is a must as a licensed professional. At Repechage, we take the guess work out of recommending a follow-up skin care program for your clients by creating treatments and at-home care collections that work together. After administering one of our signature treatment services, you will be able to recommend the corresponding products for the client to seemlessly continue the benefits at home. Our treatments and products work together to provide the best skin benefits and results. 
Repêchage Esthetician analyzes clients’ skin with magnifying lamp
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