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When it comes to using product, every little bit counts, and good product comes at a price. So the question is, a dollup or a wallop?

Too much of your moisturizer can leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy, but too little of your cleanser and you’ll be leaving dirt and product on your face.

Read below as we share the right amount of product to use on your skin.


The type of cleanser affects the amount of cleanser to use:

  • Foaming cleansers: Use two “puffs” of product.
  • Creamy cleansers: Use a quarter-sized amount.

    When rinsing your cleanser off, be sure to get to any areas or corners you may have missed the first time.

    Estheticians recommend a second cleanse rather than using too much product on your first go-round.


    The bottle that your toner or astringent comes in affects the amount to use:

    • Spray bottles: Spray until your face is covered, but not dripping.
    • Open mouthed bottles: Soak a cotton ball and smooth over the face.

    Exfoliator or Mask (2-3 times a week)

    Start with a penny-sized amount of your exfoliator or mask and spread onto your whole face.

    You don’t need a thick layer – just enough to cover your skin.


    Our general rule is to use a dropper full or one pump’s worth of serum.

    Application of the serum is very important.

    How to apply a serum:

    • Apply serums to the fingertips, not your palm, and massage into your face as necessary.
    • NOTE: You don’t want to apply this directly onto your palm because your palm has more surface area and will be absorbing product that should be absorbed by your face!

    Eye Cream

    Less is more!

    Typically the size of your pinkie fingernail is all you need for both eyes.

    Often people use too much eye cream, which is a mistake because it can migrate into your eyes.


    As a general rule, amounts between nickel and penny-sized of your moisturizer are enough for your skin. Like a serum, application of your moisturizer is very important.

    How to apply a moisturizer:

    • If product is in a jar, always use a small plastic spoon or spatula to retrieve product as to not contaminate the product.
    • If you have a pumping dispenser, apply product to the side of the thumb and then dip your fingertips into it.
    • Massage your moisturizer into your skin with your fingertips until fully absorbed.

      General Rules

      • Keep your hands clean! You will be applying with your fingertips, so you don’t want to be spreading dirt back on to the face.
      • Feel a step wasn't thorough enough? Use a pea-size more of product.
      • Apply product to your fingertips or directly on your face. Any product that touches your palms is being absorbed by your palms and not your face!

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      Nancy Smith
      Nancy Smith

      June 10, 2016

      Thank you for the latest update for use of skin products! Great source of info too!

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