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Shiri Sarfati shares her tip on how to conceal dark circles around the delicate eye area.  “Like” and “Share” if you enjoyed this tip and please comment on what beauty insider info you would like to hear about next!

Hi! I’m Shiri Sarfati, and I want to share with you my tip to preventing dry skin. Especially now that the weather is changing, the humidity is dropping, and you might have your heating systems on (which can cause dryness) this is a great time to add a day time cream into your skin care routine. You should look for day time creams that are going to provide a layer of lipid protection as well as antioxidant protection so that you can go all day with wonderfully hydrated and protected skin. Two of my favorite are Hydra Dew® Moisturizing Day Cream and Hydra 4® Day Protection Cream (this is what I use on a daily basis). They are both lightweight, they provide fabulous hydration and moisturization all day long without feeling like you are wearing Crisco on your skin. Sometimes I feel that dry skin care products feel extremely heavy, extremely occlusive on your skin, but the Hydra Dew® is so lightweight and absorbs right in to the skin and is greaseless. Plus, you are going to love the way it smells! It has 8 essential oils and it just feels so luxurious on your skin and gives you that instant, dewy glow. You can use this every single day. Want to go the difference between a day time and a night time cream? Check out our blog here. So start incorporating a day time protection cream into your fall skin care routine!

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