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Skin Care Tips for Before and After Working Out
January 29, 2016

Staying on track with your New Year’s resolution of working out more? Don’t forget to take care of your skin pre and post workout!


1. Wash your face.

By now we hope you know how important it is to wash your face both morning and night, but if you’re working out, post-workout is a must too! The gym is a place that’s loaded with bacteria, and from going mat to mat, touching machines, and wiping off sweat on your face, chances are some bacteria will get transmitted to your face. Keep a travel size face-wash with you at all times and wash your face as soon as your work out is over!


2. Get your external hydration on.

Chug your water bottle post-workout to hydrate within, but don’t forget about hydrating your skin. This is especially important during the winter, as this time of year makes your skin even more dry and dehydrated. Combine that with sweat that is naturally lost during a workout and your skin’s going to feel parched. After washing, spritz your skin with a facial spray to help restore moisture loss.  


3. Shield and protect your skin.

Prefer to workout outside? If so, remember to protect your skin. Wear protective clothing to shield all areas of your body, but don’t forget about protecting your face. Even though its winter, the sun’s UV Rays are still shining strong and pollution, that causes free-radical damage to the skin, is still existent.  Unless you want fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, environmental protection is a must!


4. Control oiliness to prevent breakouts.

Does your skin get oily after a workout? Besides leaving a travel size face wash stashed in your gym bag to help rid your skin of any dirt and grime, apply an oil-controlling serum pre and post-workout. Not only will this help your skin look less greasy, but it will help control excess oil that contributes to breakouts.


5. Cool down your skin.
A red face is a sign that you went all-in at the gym, but it’s not the best look. If you’re one who gets beat red after a workout, to cool and calm your skin splash your face with cool water while you’re washing it post-work out. You can also use a redness-reducing serum with Micro Silver. This will not only help reduce redness, but also further fight skin-irritating and acne-causing bacteria.



Have any other skin care or beauty tips for before and after working out? Leave them in the comments below!

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Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith

February 02, 2016

Thank you for the tips on workouts.

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Skin Care Tips for Before and After Working Out