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The Best Serum for Sensitive Skin | Beauty Giveaway
February 03, 2016

Do you have sensitive skin, seasonal sensitivity? Whether you see skin that is red, irritated, inflamed or dry all year long, or only certain times of the year, sensitive skin can be uncomfortable! Licensed esthetician Natalie discusses a face serum for sensitive skin that has been raved about by beauty editors, and is a MUST for all sensitive skin care routines.

Hydra 4 Red-Out® Serum

What are your favorite face serums? Tell us in the comments below!

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2 Responses

Adriana Okoro
Adriana Okoro

February 04, 2016

Hi would like to try I got very bad rosacea on my face . Very itchy and dry skin during winter all the time. Thanks


February 03, 2016

i have one like this serum and its good for srnsitive especiaaky ffot redness iy take away

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The Best Serum for Sensitive Skin | Beauty Giveaway