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From the time we are babies to the time we are 60 our skin changes.

Skin goes from being soft, smooth and wrinkle free to skin that perhaps shows fine lines, wrinkles, or dark spots in certain areas.

Why is this the case and what happens to skin over time? Here we share some important facts about skin aging. 

The following are related to hormone changes throughout the body, and can happen to woman starting as early as 30:

1. With each passing year the average moisture content of the stratum corneum (the outer most layer of the epidermis) is slightly decreased.

2. Hormonal changes bring about a decrease in oil production, depriving the skin its natural moisture and protective mantle.

3. The epidermis thins out.

4. The dermal papilla, which is the anchor of the epidermis, flattens out, resulting in loose, tissue like texture.

5. Cell renewal rate slowdowns, making skin healing slower.  

6. Circulation is impaired.

7. Desquamation (the natural shedding of dead skin cells) becomes uneven, affecting the evenness of skin tone.

8. The optical characteristics of the stratum corneum, its color and its translucency change, becoming more opaque and move from pink toward yellow and grey.

Some changes with the skin are the result of repeated environmental exposure or from the way you habitually use your facial muscles that increase over time:

9. Drier environments result in drier skin, manifesting in fine lines.

10. Environmental exposure, gravity and changing metabolism impact the structural proteins making skin less elastic and less firm.

11. A lifetime of repeated movement results in “expression lines” around the eyes and mouth.

12. Exposure to UV light and free radicals accelerates signs of aging.

How to treat aging skin?

What can you do about these facts of life?

The quick fix: Always protect your skin from the environment and use skin care products designed to help diminish the visible signs of skin aging, like our new, clinically-proven, dermatologist tested and plastic surgeon recommended Vita Cura® Gold Collection

Continue to read our blog as we’ll be sharing many more anti-aging tips to ensure beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime!

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January 27, 2023

I found this post when searching for a topic linked to beauty, so I knew it would have the information I wanted and the answers to the questions I frequently had. I appreciate you creating such an informative and well-written article, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.


February 08, 2016

Thank you Liz! We will continue to write more anti-aging related blogs in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to get notified when new blogs are posted!

Liz Rapolla
Liz Rapolla

February 05, 2016

Great blog. Keep it coming. Very informative! THANK YOU

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