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(Photo Credit: Instagram @ksy575600, @kim_noori, @arumm_, @choing_, @ocsisi_yang, @choing_, @pinkzina)

Normally, skin care and beauty trends start in Korea and make their way to the United States, but for the first time ever the shift has reversed.  When sales of Repêchage Rapidex Marine Exfoliator soared over 450% in 2015, we couldn't help but notice that Rapidex was creating the biggest buzz in skin care in Korea. Why? This unofficial skin care capital of the world understands that exfoliating 2-3 times a week is a beauty must, and that not every exfoliator is created equal.  They found that Rapidex created a safe, effective, and controlled exfoliation using seaweed extracts and mild AHA's, using a unique, hygienic unidose applicator inspired by hospital medical supplies.

 According to our Korean distributor, Jason Chin…

"RapideX is one of the bestselling products in Korea, and it is currently gaining explosive popularity! Our customers are crazy about its excellent and immediate results, as well as its convenience in use. It exfoliates the skin very gently and makes the skin brighter and beautifully glowing immediately, helping prepare it to accept other skin care products. Needless to say, its unique tube shape has been innovative in the market and its effect is really incredible!"

(Photo credit (from left to right): Instagram @kim_noori, @ksy575600)


(Photo credit (from left to right): Instagram @ocsisi_yang, @pinkzina)

But while Rapidex's unique, unidose dispenser and effective, buffered exfoliation is the key to its success in 2015, it was actually way ahead of its time. Rapidex was launched 20 years ago after our CEO and Founder, Lydia Sarfati, observed clients over-exfoliating their skin, whether with microdermabrasion, chemical and acid peels or laser resurfacing procedures. Skin was appearing red, irritated and hypersensitive as a result of over-exfoliation, and Lydia knew she had to create a product that would provide professional grade exfoliation in a controlled application process. This was the birth of Rapidex – the first of its kind.

Unlike other exfoliators that can cause redness, irritation, and further breakouts Rapidex offers measured exfoliation in the form of a giant cotton swab and is based on safe and effective peeling ingredients. Rapidex brings professional grade exfoliation to your home and brings the art of exfoliation to new heights, which is why it is now used by thousands of beauty professionals around the world.


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