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Bridal Beauty: Skin Care Tips for Wedding Season!
April 29, 2016

Wedding season is here! Those tying the knot or taking part in someone’s big day often wonder – what do you need to be doing to ensure your skin is picture perfect the day-of? We checked with our skin care experts who shared their top tips.

  1. Don’t “guess” at your skin care – If your skin is not how you want it to be – don’t start guessing. Go straight to a professional ASAP! He/she can come up with a daily skin care regimen of how to take care of your skin at-home leading up to the big day, and advise when/what type of skin treatments would be best to address your skin concerns.
  2. Use an at-home face mask – We’re certain you’re professional will advise this, but we want to re-iterate the point. Using an at-home face mask can make or break your makeup application and really help give you that glow on the big day. *Be sure to test it out at least two before the big day to make sure you do not have any reaction.
  3. Be ready for skin emergencies – With weddings, comes inevitable stress that can cause you to breakout or lose sleep. Be prepared for both. Keep some beauty emergency essentials on hand: a zit zapper for pop-up pimples and eye pads to conceal your dark circles, bags, and evidence of lack of sleep.
  4. Put your makeup to the test – You need to make sure you get the look you want. Good skin care is going to ensure long wear, but do a makeup trial prior to your wedding. Especially for your lips, if you’re thinking of wearing a specific lip color or lip stain, give it a test run beforehand. You need to see if it’ it will really be long-lasting or if it’s going to leave you with dry, flaky lips. One great trick – use seaweed oil before applying and reapply throughout the day to keep them hydrated.
  5. Decide on hair removal – Be mindful of what hair you want removed or sculpted (brows, legs, bikini, under arms, etc.) and how it can potentially affect your skin. For example, if you want to get a wax treatment but never have, it’s best you go at least a few days to a week in advance so that if your skin is sensitive there will be time for any redness or irritation to heal.
  6. Prepare a day-of beauty kit – What to bring? Get advice from your hair and makeup artist on what you need to pack. Some essentials include: small sewing kit, scissors, safety pins, double sided tape, bobby pins, mints, razor, tissues, deodorant, nail file/clipper, band aids, and hair spray. Keep a running list of things as it gets closer to the big day!

Do you have any other skin care tips for brides? Share them in the comments below.

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Bridal Beauty: Skin Care Tips for Wedding Season!

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