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Prom season is here!

Aside from picking out the right dress and shoes, to really get a picture-perfect look you need to focus on your skin – and we don’t just mean letting a makeup artist work their magic!

As many A-List celebrities would agree, great skin begins with seeing a skin care professional – read why we recommend to visit one.

Picture-Ready Skin

For up-close selfies or your “prom-pose” photos, a skin care treatment is in order. If you’ve never treated your skin to a facial, now is the time to do it!

Contrary to popular belief a facial isn’t going to leave you with red, irritated skin - even if you have any pimples or whiteheads that need to be treated.

Find a spa near you that can offer hydrating and soothing treatments, like seaweed facials, to give you that "healthy glow" you're looking for.

Get Waxed – The “Skin Friendly” Way!

Don’t even think about attempting waxing at home – leave it to an esthetician. (Read Why to visit an esthetician for a wax

Whether it’s your brows, lip, legs or underarms, a licensed esthetician is trained to remove your hair with the skin in mind while creating a relaxing waxing experience for you. 

Stress Relief

Between deciding who you’re going to with and what you're going to wear, prom can be stressful. 

Sometimes this stress can show on your face in the form of pop up problem areas. (Our tip: always have an overnight cream on hand.)

One trip to the spa for a facial, wax, or massage, can help reverse this and put any stress or anxiety to rest.

Do you have any other prom beauty tips? Leave a comment below!

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