Prom Beauty: Plan a Spa Day and Have the Best Prom Ever!

Prom Beauty: Plan a Spa Day and Have the Best Prom Ever!

Prom season is here. Aside from picking out the right dress and shoes, to really get a picture-perfect look you need to focus on your skin – and we don’t just mean letting a makeup artist work their magic! As many A-List celebrities would agree, great skin begins with seeing a skin care professional – read why!

1) Get Picture-Ready Skin

For up-close selfies or your “prom-pose” photos, a skin care treatment is in order. If you’ve never treated your skin to a facial, now is the time to do it! Contrary to popular belief a facial isn’t going to leave you with red, irritated skin - even if you have any pimples or whiteheads that need to be treated. In fact, facials don’t always have to be an intense or abrasive treatment. Organic facials with ingredients like seaweed combined with matcha (the highest quality of green tea) chocolate, vanilla-pumpkin, or berries (strawberry and blueberry), can help give your skin all it needs for prom – hydration and nourishment that create that “healthy glow” you’re looking for!

2) Get Waxed – The “Skin Friendly” Way!

Don’t even think about attempting waxing at home – leave it to an esthetician! He/she knows what to do to prevent redness, bumps and irritation that, as you may have experienced before, can happen if you decide to take waxing into your own hands   Whether it’s your brows, lip, legs or underarms, a licensed esthetician is trained to remove your hair with the skin in mind while creating a relaxing waxing experience for you. Yes, Waxing is RELAXING!

3) Stress Relief

Prom can be a hectic time. Between deciding who you’re going to with, what you’re going to wear, if it’s worth it to take a limo, and what you’re going to do after prom, there is a lot that goes into it! If all of these decisions are stressing you out, come prom day it’s going to show in your face – in the form of your grim facial expression or even worse, pimples. (If the latter, make sure to have a pimple cream on hand) However, just one trip to the spa for a facial treatment, a wax treatment, or even a soothing body massage, can help reverse this and put any stress or anxiety to rest.

Do you have any other prom beauty tips? Share with us all in the comments below

*This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of your doctor or health provider with any questions or concerns you may have about a medical condition.

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