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We all love enjoying a beautiful day outside, but if your skin is starting to look and feel parched, itchy or starting to flake,you may be experiencing dehydrated skin.

Don't lounge around in the sun like a lizard without proper skin protection - start hydrating yourself inside and out. 

We're sharing the top 3 signs your skin is dehydrated and what you can do about it.

Fine Lines

Are you noticing a little more fine lines than usual? This could be a sign of dehydration. Fine lines begin to form on dehydrated skin when the exterior cells of the epidermis constrict due to a lack of water.

The Fix: Use a peptide sheet mask with hydrating and firming benefits at least two to three times a week, and spritz your skin daily with a seaweed-based face mist.

Flaky Skin

If you’re feeling that your skin is noticeably rougher and flaky in zones including the t-zone and cheeks, your skin may have trouble holding moisture.

The Fix:  A deep cleansing face scrub to help slough off dead skin cells. This is also great to use during the summer when skin is more oily and pores are clogged.

Itchy Skin

Lastly, if an itching sensation arises this could be from dehydration. It’s important to take care of as dehydrated and itchy skin is prone to cracking and scratching will just make it worse.

The Fix: Layering a seaweed serum and moisturizer is going to help boost and lock in hydration, leaving your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. 

Most importantly, always practice skin protection AND drink lots and lots of water! At least eight 8 oz. glasses a day is what it takes to keep you hydrated on the inside and out.

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