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Taking proper care of your skin will help it feel silky-smooth, even in the winter time!

  1. Pace the peels – During the winter as you’ve probably experienced, your skin may feel tight and flaky. This is because skin in the winter is more dehydrated. You may think your skin is in need of intense and constant exfoliation to shed flaky skin, but this can be the culprit of bad winter skin. Harsh chemical peels and over-exfoliating during the winter will actually break down the protective barrier of your skin – making it more susceptible to the cold and to the environment. Instead, nourish your skin!
  2. Nourish & lipid barrier protection– What your skin is actually in need of during the winter is intense nourishment and lipid barrier protection. Cold temperatures outside coupled with high indoor heat means low humidity and moisture loss for your skin. Using a serum followed by a moisturizer will help to deliver the essential hydration and protection that your skin needs. Ingredients in serums like seaweed extracts help to deliver moisture into the skin. Creams will lock the moisture delivered from the serum in the skin.  Even if you have oily skin, this is crucial!
  3. Protection from the elements – In the winter, the sun is still shining and your skin is still in need of protection. Sunlight can even reflect off the snow, making your skin more susceptible to burns. Whether you’re driving in your car or are spending time outdoors, make sure to layer on protective clothing and eye-wear to prevent your skin from dryness and burns. And if you’re hitting the slopes, wearing a cream that offers protection is a must!
  4. Use a humidifier – Place a humidifier in your bedroom. Not only will it help you to breathe easier, but it will keep your skin hydrated.
  5. Shower time – In the shower, use a gentle soap free wash and right away seal in moisture with a dry body oil. It will be the perfect solution for that dry flaky skin.
  6. Stop licking your lips- To avoid cracked lips, stop licking them outdoors. Instead apply a Vitamin E rich protection with Shea Butter. Skip the Vaseline as it can actually be more drying!

What are your tips for winter skin? Tell us in the comments below!

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