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Thanksgiving is here, and we cannot wait to indulge. With all the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie (and the list goes on) how can you not?

It’s a holiday, so everyone deserves to treat themselves. However, that doesn’t mean you should over do ii.

The only thing that should look pumpkin is the color of your cardigan, not the shape of it.

To beat the bloat this Thanksgiving, we’ve come up with some tips to help you look and feel your best post-feast.

Get a good night’s sleep 

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before Thanksgiving!

Failing to catch enough zzz’s can leave you feeling hungrier on Thanksgiving Day.

Don't skip meals 

This includes meals leading up to Thanksgiving day, and skipping out on breakfast the morning of.

Eat a small meal before the feast, and don’t wait until the turkey is served in the late afternoon or at dinner time to go crazy.

This will lead over eating and that dreaded belly bloat.

Drink water 

Water is, as always, great for the body. Water is essential for our bodies, and helps our bodies cool, lubricate, and flush out wastes and toxins.

Aside from these benefits, drinking water will help you feel fuller and keep your food consumption in check.

Opt for water over sugary or carbonated beverages to avoid calories and bloat.

Choose your plate wisely

Pick out your favorite dishes on the table, and portion your plate accordingly. Avoid foods that are fatty, greasy, or creamy to ease the bloat.

The more protein and veggies, the healthier your Thanksgiving meal will be.

Eat what you’ve selected, and then give yourself at least 15 minutes to digest.

This time allows your body to tell you if you are full.

And just in case...

These tips can definitely make a difference, but we know this is all easier said than done.

If you do go overboard, and find yourself suffering from that belly bloat, take a walk, sip some peppermint tea, and indulge in a soothing seaweed bath.

After a long day filled with eating and drinking with friends and family, a bath is just what you will need to help you unwind and relieve that bloat from your belly.

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