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Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

2 min read

Wondering what gift to give a holiday hostess this year? Shiri Sarfati discusses a perfect and creative gift giving idea to surprise your hostess with! Please “Like” and “Share” if you enjoyed this tip, and leave your comments below!

“Like” and “Share” if you enjoyed this tip and leave your comments below! – See more at:
“Like” and “Share” if you enjoyed this tip and leave your comments below! – See more at:

Hi I’m Shiri Sarfati! I want to share with you great holiday gifts that you can give to any hostess this holiday season. With Thanksgiving approaching and the December holiday season fast upon us, here are some great personalized holiday gifts that you can bring over and make your hostess feel wonderful.

I love to gift body care, such as our Sea Spa Body Care. Our Sea Spa Body Care line is great for anyone in any age group, whether they be male or female. It is composed of wonderful hand creams and body creams. Trust me, after a long day preparing for a party and hosting a big event the only thing you want to do is curl up in your bed, give yourself a great hand massage or foot massage, and take a beautiful bath to feel energized and reinvigorated. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving, long after the evening is over.

I really love taking body care, and wrapping it up in a pretty fashion. Coming to your hostess with a beautifully wrapped present makes the gift feel that much more luxurious and special. I never like coming empty handed to someone’s house, and this a great way to present a gift. If you go to a local craft store you can find beautiful tissue paper, such as the white iridescent paper we are using here.  You can also find ribbon, such as the two we are using here. One is silver and one is blue. We also added a little seashell to tie it all together. It’s really easy to make the gift look that much more elegant. If you don’t want to be as crafty, you can pick up a nice gift bag, add some tissue paper, and put the Sea Spa Collection inside. It is a really nice way of surprising your guest, who may think they are getting a bottle of wine, but really they are getting gorgeous Sea Spa Body Care products.

I hope you enjoyed this tip, and get creative and have fun gifting for your hostess this holiday season.

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