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We've shared why to get a facial,but we also want to share what you can expect during a facial treatment, including what you can expect from your esthetician.  Read below to learn what you can expect when you find a good esthetician and what you will experience during your facial treatment.

A discussion about your skin concerns

Before offering any recommendations whatsoever, an esthetician is going to listen and allow you to explain your skin concerns. When you enter the treatment room, it’s all about you and your skin – you’re the VIP!

Questions and advice about your skin care and lifestyle habits

Once you have expressed your skin concerns, you should expect an esthetician to ask questions about your skin care and lifestyle habits. The purpose of this is not to interrogate you or be nosy, but so the esthetician can get to know you and your skin better. For example, perhaps your skin gets red often or is breaking out? This could be related to many factors - sharing information with your esthetician will allow him or her to determine if external factors are affecting your skin.

A proper diagnosis of your skin

Part of asking questions about your habits is in effort for the esthetician to properly perform a skin analysis and diagnosis. The aesthetician will combine this information, his or her expertise, and aesthetic tools, to thoroughly evaluate what’s happening beneath the surface so that your concerns can be addressed.

A relaxing and comfortable experience

At the end of the day, you’re not only doing your skin a huge favor by having a facial: you’re also benefiting your mind and body as well. You will find the experience incredibly rewarding in more ways than one.

No pain or irritation

Don’t believe that you’re going to be in pain or extremely irritated and red after your facial. This is just another beauty myth! You can expect pressure on your skin, especially if an esthetician is going to be performing extractions, but if your esthetician is performing the proper techniques, you will not experience serious pain or irritation during or after the treatment.

Finding the right products for your skin type and concerns

Once you’ve received a facial, your esthetician is going to help you with one last thing before heading out the door – choosing the right products to use at home. You won’t need to worry about finding products on your own; you’ll have an esthetic expert, who truly understands your skin, do the work for you!

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