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We all need a good cheat or hack to help us speed dial through the day, but cheating on your skin is a losing battle. Your skin has a long memory and is with you forever, which means anything you do or don’t do to it will always come back to haunt you over time.

In this week’s blog, we're sharing 5 beauty cheats you must avoid if you want to maintain flawless skin. If you follow these 5 tips, or even if you’re only able to incorporate one, you will begin to see big changes!

Not washing your face morning and night

Don’t save time at the expense of your skin! 

If you wash your face at night, this doesn’t mean that you can skip washing in the morning. Why do you need to wash your face in the morning too?

When you sleep, dead skin cells shed and collect on your pillow case, along with everything else in the air which could include pollutants and irritants. Your skin goes into repair mode at night, and since you’re not moving around, oil doesn’t dissipate as well. This is why your skin feels oilier than when you first went to bed, basting for hours and hours on end in grime, dead skin and oil – not pretty.

Washing your face in the morning will also create a fresh canvas on which to apply your skincare and makeup. 

Not moisturizing after the shower


So you just finished your shower, and your face feels clean, soft and smooth. Do you really need to moisturize?

Yes! The water and humidity in the shower helped to soften your skin, and our skin just got a great amount of hydration from the shower, but if you don’t seal it in, it’s going to escape as fast as it got hydrated.

Applying a face moisturizer and body moisturizer after showering creates a seal that locks in the moisture, giving your skin a soft, glowing appearance all day long.

Not going to your next booked facial appointment

Another beauty cheat to avoid is not following through with follow up facial appointments.

Just like eating healthy and going to the gym regularly are both necessary to stay fit, good skin requires consistent visits to the esthetician.

You can’t just visit the spa once, have an amazing facialand expect your skin to stay that way forever. Regularly visiting an esthetician not only ensures beautiful skin, it lets you stay one step ahead of any sudden changes in your skin health so you’ll always be ready for what’s next.

Not using products recommended by your esthetician

You just had a beautiful facial done, and you have a follow-up appointment in two weeks, but what do you do for your skin in the meantime?

Go back to using the same old products that put you in the estheticians chair in the first place? No way! You should be using the professional product recommendations that your esthetician makes for you.

Estheticians are trained to analyze your skin and understand your concerns best, so listen to them because they have your best interests at heart!

By using the professionally recommended products in between your visit, you are ensuring that you’re maintaining your results with the best products for the job.

Not using a toner

So you cleanse, you exfoliate, you use a serum and moisturize, but your skin still isn’t where you want it to be. What’s missing? A toner.

If there is one thing our educators and estheticians hear repeatedly, it’s “I’m not seeing any changes in my skin,” only to find out they’re skipping out on using a toner.

Why is it so important to use a toner? Cleaners are often slightly acid, and not a neutral pH. A toner's role is to reset your skin’s pH level, which is why you should always follow cleansing with toning. Toners re-balancethe pH of your skin, allowing for serums and moisturizers to absorb properly.

Remember, skin care is a marathon, not a sprint. Long-term consistency is the key to any good skin care routine, and it shows in people who follow this maxim. Prioritize your skin today, and see the results for a lifetime.

What are some other beauty cheats that you’d advise people to avoid? Share with us below!

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