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Neglecting and mistreating your skin may not affect you today, but it's bound to catch up to you overtime.

But don't think it's too late. Even if you're guilty of these skin care habits, making changes today can reflect on your skin for the better. Learn how to remedy these troublesome skin habits. 

1. Using face wipes to remove makeup 

Removing your makeup at the end of the day is one of the most important things you can do to maintain good skin, yet many people think they can skip a night every now and then. Think again though, because each time you do you’re risking waking up to problem skin.

Face wipes are handy to do the job, but they don’t go far enough. When you use a face wipe to remove makeup, it just pushes the product around the face but doesn’t deep clean. To truly remove your makeup at the end of the day, you need be using a cleanser. Do NOT replace your cleansing routine with a face wipe! 

2. Picking at your skin

If you ever find yourself picking at your problem skin when issues arise or when you’re bored, stop it!

Picking at your skin creates secondary lesions because you’re using your dirty fingers in place of proper tools.

You’re also at risk for secondary hyper-pigmentation, because you will not get the proper angles and positions to fully extract comedones and ingrown hairs, so blood cells rush to the body’s defense, and pool under the skin.

Find a skin care professionalwho can help with any breakouts or skin issues.

3. Not protecting your skin

"I don't go out in the sun too much," you say, "I just drive to and from work," you say. 

Even if you're not basking in the sun, limited exposure can have a damaging effect on your skin, making it important to protect your skin every day.  I

f you are taking care of your skin with products such as exfoliants, peels or facial masks, these may contain ingredients that will make your skin even more vulnerable to sun damage. ALWAYS use sun protection.

4. Not checking your skin

Many people think that just maintaining a good skin care routine is all you need, but issues can arise even to those with the best skin care routine.

Skin cancer and other growths are best treated as early as possible, and the key to this is early detection. You should always check your skin at-home at least once a month, AND book at least an annual appointment with a dermatologist who can perform and proper and thorough evaluation. 

5. Smoking

We know we don’t have to tell you it’s bad for your skin, but: It’s bad for your skin. Sure it may seem like Captain Obvious advice, but if you continue this bad habit, you need to be constantly reminded so as not to forget: smoking is terrible for you!

Smoking prematurely ages the skin, destroys collagen and elastin, leading to the infamous “leather skin” look and dries you out.

Find a healthy alternative like chewing gum, or if you really have a problem with tobacco seek help from a professional. Your friends, family and skin will love you for it, and changes can happen as soon as you start!

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