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It’s almost Thanksgiving which means big plans for many here in the USA. Its more than stuffing ourselves with turkey or getting ready for Black Friday shopping. If we are so fortunate, we find ourselves surrounded by loved ones.

In honor of our own traditions, we thought we’d share some of the best skincare advice from our friends and family that are especially helpful during this sometimes stressful and very cold time of year. 

"Get your beauty sleep every night."

An often overlooked but important lesson we all must learn is to get a full night’s rest. Sleeping is the body’s time to go into repair mode, so you can wake up rejuvenated and refreshed knowing you allowed yourself the time to get back to 100%.

Sleep deprivation decreases blood flow to the face, causing dark circles around the eyes, and you don’t want to wake up looking like a raccoon.

If it’s too late and you wake up with dark circles, reach for some eye pads to help bring tired skin to life – though plan on sleeping more the next night.

"Don’t forget to drink water."

One of the most repeated pieces of advice that needs to be drilled into the minds of people of all ages is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Especially during this time of year with the egg nog and hot toddys flowing, it’s good to space out the rounds with a glass of water.

While drinking enough water will help with dehydrated skin, it also has many other benefits such as fighting off hunger, keeping headaches at bay and helping with digestion. It makes sense since over 50% of our bodies are made of water!

Your skin needs hydration too, considering it is the largest organ in the body, so if you’re feeling dry spray yourself down with a gentle misting face spray for a quick cooling effect.

"Use a moisturizer and eye cream everyday."

By using a moisturizer you ensure that no matter what the climate conditions, your skin has the essential hydration it needs to stay supple and smooth. This not only applies to face and body, but is very important for your eyes.

An eye cream can be used to not only sooth the skin underneath your eyes, but help alleviate common concerns that many of us see in this area such as dark circles and eye puffiness. It’s never too early to start using one.

"Allow yourself some 'me' time."

If you find that you’re burning the candle at both ends and are constantly stressed out by demands from others, this could be impacting you.

Cortisol levels in the body rise when you are stressed (or suffering from sleep depravation), and cortisol is known to speed up the aging process, which can cause premature fine lines and wrinkles to show.

If you seem to be stressed out all the time, it's ok to take a break and schedule some me time -- we recommend the calming comfort of a warm seaweed-based bath.

"Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation."

Dead skin tends to accumulate on parts of your skin that don’t get the usual love during your normal routine, so it’s important to exfoliate all over, especially in places you wouldn’t think to, like your neck, behind your ears, etc.

For controlled exfoliation, opt for an exfoliator in unidose packaging so you know you aren’t overpeeling!

Let us know your favorite beauty advice passed on by your family as well by leaving a comment below.

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