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What’s more terrifying than the ghosts and goblins of Halloween? These skin care nightmares that frequently happen this time of the year! No need to be fearful anymore though - we have solutions for you!


1. Your skin is always dry.
It’s that time of year. The weather is getting colder, the humidity is dropping and your skin is losing moisture. If you don’t react properly, your skin is going to be effected! So how do you beat it? A double dosage of moisture. After cleansing and toning don’t go right to your day cream or night cream- use a hydrating serum first and THEN layer on your moisturizer.
2. Your lips won’t stop peeling.
Just like your skin is going to be more dry with the colder months, so will your lips. Combine the cold weather with an over-drying matte lipstick and you’re going to feel the consequences. Instead of drying lipsticks, opt for lip glosses with shea butter and coconut oil as the base to give your lips the hydration they need and remember to exfoliate your lips and don’t lick (this dries your lips out!)
3. You break out the day before a big event.
Heavy Halloween makeup and back to back holiday parties mean you need to be prepared in the event of a breakout. This means having the right tools on hand: an overnight drying lotion and a serum for oily skin. Apply both before bed.
4. Your face is as red as Elmo.
Red and irritated skin can be a nightmare, but you can do something about it! Read our blog What Causes Skin Sensitivity to see a list of possible triggers, such as alcohol and stress that could be causing your skin to react. Also make sure look out for skin care made with ingredients that cater to sensitive skin.
5. Your skin’s forever shiny.
Does your skin go against the norm and stay shiny even in the colder months? Don’t skip out on moisturizer because you think it will help reduce the oiliness. In fact, this can do the opposite and trick your skin to overproduce oil making the situation worse. Instead, opt for serum to help hydrate and control the shine and use an oil-free moisturizer.
Have your own skin care nightmares not mentioned here? Tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll have one of our educators recommend a solution for you!

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