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Let's face it: being jet lagged isn't a good look!

Jet lag takes a toll on your body and signs of exhaustion show on your face.

We know many of you may be traveling this time of year but don’t worry – we have tips to help make sure you’re still looking your best post-flight!

Reset Your Sleep Routine 

One of the best ways to beat jeg lag is to adjust your sleeping patterns before takeoff.

If you’re going west start to go to bed later a few days before you travel. Traveling east Start going to bed earlier. This is going to help get your sleep pattern on track ASAP.


Dehydration leads to fatigue, headaches and grogginess. With your natural body clock already being already be out of whack from traveling, you don’t need dehydration to add to the mix. Here's how to keep hydrated:

  1. Tell the flight attendant to keep the water coming.
  2. Stay away from carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee. Instead, opt for herbal teas like chamomile or rooibos, and pair it with lemon.
  3. If you’re tempted to calm your fear of flying nerves with vino, only do one glass!
  4. Limit your caffeine in take.  


Water will help hydrate you within, but a moisturizer is going to help repair airplane ridden skin.

Low humidity on board unfortunately can do a number on your skin, leaving it dry and flaky.

  1. Before takeoff, apply your moisturizer and bring it on board if airport security allows it.
  2. Keep a travel sized hydrating spray to spritz throughout the flight to boost moisture
  3. Pay attention to your hands by applying a seaweed-based hand cream frequently.

Eat, Sleep, and Stretch

Eat– Eat a light meal to avoid any stomach discomfort.

Sleep – If it’s night time in the destination you’re traveling to, or you must sleep, you want to be comfortable.

Bring your eye mask, ear plugs, and a cozy blanket and find a position to rest your head in to avoid waking up with neck pain.

Stretch – Get up and go to the bathroom (even if you don’t have to go) every so often so you can stretch your legs and prevent cramps.

Also flip through your in-flight magazine and follow any in-seat exercises provided.

Take in the Sun

As soon as the plane lends, get some sunshine (with sun protection of course!)

Exposure to light helps you adjust to the new time zone quicker and reset your internal clock.

Make sure to go for a walk or relax by the pool if you’re going somewhere tropical as soon as you can after you arrive.

Have tips for beating jet leg? Leave a comment below!

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