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Tres Aurae Spa is an award-winning spa, located at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Williamsville, NY, serving the Buffalo, NY area.

Medical consultant Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., an award-winning and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, oversees all of the medical spa service, while the spa hosts a team of professionals, including estheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, and hair stylists.

We spoke with head esthetician Jacqueline Moran-Jenkins to hear all about her personal experiences in skin care, health, wellness, as well as what she advises her clients to help them stay on track to clear and beautiful skin.

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What are your own skin concerns and how do you address them?

Enlarged pores in my t-zone and hyperpigmentation are my biggest skin concerns.

To help address these concerns, I use the following products daily:

  1. Cleanse – Hydra Refine Cleansing Mousseor Hydra 4 Cleanser
  2. Tone – Biolight Brightening Toner
  3. Treat – Triple Action Peptide Serum
  4. Hydrate – Hydro Complex PFS for Oily and Combination Skin

Have you seen an improvement since committing to this routine?

I have been using these products for 6 months and I absolutely see a change in my skin!

Biolight really helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. I am seeing a significantly brighter-looking complexion.

Triple Action Peptide Serum is helping to address my fine lines.

What products/treatments have you found to be most effective for clients?

The top facials at our spa are:

(Hydra Medic Facial is a top service at Tres Aurae Spa)

What has been the feedback from clients who’ve experience these treatments?

The results are INCREDIBLE! Our clients’ skin looks so healthy immediately after.

The Hydra Medic Facial for problem skin and Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial for aging skin amaze people with the results they produce!

The Biolight Miracle Facial is outstanding, as patients leave with a clearer complexion and brighter skin tone.

(The treatment room at Tres Aurae Spa)

What do you tell your clients is the MOST important step in their skin care routine and why?

I really believe that all steps are vital for optimal results in the care of healthy skin, but I understand that a simple 3 step routine (cleanse, hydrate, protect) is easiest to maintain.

For clients who just can’t commit to a full skin care routine, I always recommend that they at least _____.

Protect their skin. It is most important and should be done daily as radiation from the sun’s UVA and UVB bombard us regularly. Skin is a vital organ and proper sun protection helps to maintain its health and wellness.

What are your top 3 skin care tips for clients? 

  1. Get regular facials.
  2. Use home care to continue the effects of the facial.
  3. Use a year-round skin protectant and change your routine according to climate change.

What are your top health and wellness tips for clients?

  • Hydration
  • Rest
  • Clean diet


Tres Aurae Spa

5195 Main St #1b

Williamsville, NY 14221

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