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Yes, we all want to start the New Year fresh, so we focus on our diets and our exercise routines…but having a better New Year is about more than looking slimmer or fitter.

For our overall beauty, health, wellness, and quality of life, adjusting your attitude and initiating positive habits can be just as important. This year, we’re setting our intentions for overall wellness, and would like to share with you seven important tips to help you on your way as well.

1. Go to bed with clean skin.

Better sleep is achieved with a clear mind, and better skin is achieved with a clean face! Only let clean skin hit those pillow cases each night.

2. Get your drink on.

And we mean WATER, and lots of it. Replace your favorite sugar heavy drinks (soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, alcohol, etc.) and make an effort to drink at least 8 glasses of water each and every day.

3. Get a monthly facial.

Read why to get a facial, and make an effort to visit your local spa for some relaxation.

4. Get more “me time”

Going to the spa is one great way to do so, but each week you should get some “me time.” Disconnect from the outside word, and unwind and relax.

5. Wear an SPF, no matter what season it is.

Don’t let the cold temperatures fool you – the sun is still there, shining away. Protect your skin each day, no matter what season it is, by applying an SPF each morning.

6. Sleep tight.

Put away your iPads and iPhones and turn off the TV – get to bed earlier, sleep longer and you’ll notice a difference in your energy levels and skin.

7. Think positive.

As they say, “Think positive and positive things will happen.” It’s easier said than done, but for your positive thinking can make a real difference. Hold onto this mindset this year and see if you notice a difference in your life.

What other beauty and wellness tips do you have? Share in the comments below!

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April 12, 2021

Fantastic!!! Keep it up

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