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It’s back to school, and the leaves are starting to turn, signaling the end of summer.  But while we may not miss the heat, we will miss days of beautiful sunshine and that flawless glow to our skin. Top spas in the sunshine belt, such as The Spa at PGA National Resort, Palm Beach, Florida, know how to keep that summer glow going year round. The newly transformed, 40,000 square foot spa, part of the award-winning PGA National Resort, now offers an 80-minute Facial of Champions professional treatment, designed by Repêchage, using nourishing seaweed and other botanical ingredients to deep cleanse, brighten and transform skin from head to toe, perfect for those with an active lifestyle. With the Facial of Champions treatment, layers of fresh seaweeds plump, nourish and hydrate the skin. A professional Glycolic Peel and LED therapy brighten the skin, deep cleansing and exfoliating hand treatment and foot and leg scrubs leave skin renewed, and visitors enjoy an eye treatment while hair and scalp, shoulder and neck massages are performed.

While you have to actually go to the spa to get the professional level of product performance and pampering, there are some things you can do at-home inspired by this luxury treatment to keep your skin glowing into the fall. And, maybe it’s time to start planning that mid-winter sunny getaway to Palm Beach so you can experience this one-of-a-kind treatment yourself!  

With the first steps of the professional treatment, a special mixture of Repêchage Honey and Almond Scrub is warmed and massaged into the feet and lower legs, then wrapped.

dipping fingers in honey and almond scrub

At-home, massageVita Cura® CelluSea Smooth™ Multi-Action Exfoliator with Seaweed, Cocoa and Caffeine Extracts blended with a Multi-Fruit Complex, or Sea Spa Glow, based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea and infused with hydrating and moisture-binding Seaweeds combined with refreshing Mint and soothing Aloe into feet and legs, then rinse off in the shower. Followed by a foot and leg massage with nurturing Seaweed Body Cream. Click here for even more tips on how to keep body skin glowing.

In the treatment, the face is cleansed with a Seaweed-based cleanser, then the Biolight® Luminex Mask is applied. This is a clay-based, hybrid professional grade glycolic peel that helps brighten and exfoliate skin.Repêchage Eye Rescue Pads are placed over the eyes. These convenient, pre-saturated pads are formulated with nutrient rich Seaweed, Cucumber, Aloe, Caffeine, and a potent, antioxidant rich Yerba Matte and Green Tea and Rooibos blend to help eyes look and feel refreshed. This is followed with an eye massage.  The mask is then removed with an Ultrasonic Skin Spatula.

Belle Franco, Lead Esthetician, The Spa at PGA National Resort at the boutique

For brightening at-home, use the Biolight® Brightening Sheet Mask with Seaweed and brightening ingredients such as glutathione. Cover with Eye Rescue Pads, and perform your own eye massage using Repêchage Mini Silver Ball Massagers. Or, for a deep cleansing mask, use a clay-based mask such as the Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask and remove with the Repêchage Ultrasonic Skin Spatula.

In the PGA Spa, they then proceed with the iconic Four-Layer Facial®. With this, layer after layer of fresh, seaweed-based treatments are applied. Layer 1 consists of Seaweed Filtrate to renew, Layer 2 Hydrating Cream restores moisture, with Layer 3, a Cooling Seaweed Mask refreshes and tones and the unique Layer 4 consists of a warming thermal Mineral Mask to energize.

To see this and other Repêchage Signature Facial Treatments in action, click here. Nothing compares to the results of this award-winning, ground-breaking, seaweed-based facial, so if you haven’t had one, run to the PGA Spa, or find a spa near you that performs it.

Two of the layers used in this facial are available for at-home use. To replicate, apply Repêchage®  C-Serum® Seaweed Filtrate, a pure Seaweed cytoserum, to the face, throat and décolletage. Proceed to work into the skin with the Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine for 5-7 minutes. Follow with Hydro-Complex® PFS Moisturizing Cream with Pure Seaweed Filtrate with Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Lactic Acid to renew and make skin glow.

During the PGA Facial of Champions, the hair and scalp are massaged while the Mineral Mask sets. You can do this at home by applying a few drops of Hydra-Amino 18® Hair Spa Serum to the scalp and massage into the hair and scalp for five minutes. For expert tips on performing a hair and scalp massage, click here.

To finish the full facial, the face is sprayed with Repêchage® Algo Mist® Seaweed Hydrating Spray and protected with the Repêchage® Mineral Face Shield®. Guests are even given a Hydra Blue® Starter Collection with Seaweed Extracts for All Skin Types, all of which you can enjoy at home as well.

We hope these PGA Spa inspired tricks help your skin keep glowing into the Fall, and maybe inspire you to visit the spa in Palm Beach!  How do you like to keep skin hydrated and glowing?  Let us know in the comments.

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