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The changing leaves, cozy sweaters and maple cookies are some of our favorites for fall. But, as you watch those sugar maple trees turn a brilliant red, you may not realize that maple leaf extract is actually great for the skin! Here, we’ll look at this ingredient, and show how you can incorporate its benefits into your skin care program.


Maple in Skin Care

Maple leaf extract is known as Acer Saccharum in skin care ingredients.  The extract includes beneficial forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, including Malic and Tartaric Acid.  These components help slough away dead skin cells, revealing a more luminous complexion underneath.  Very often, this is blended with other natural AHA’s and ingredients such as bilberry, sugar cane, orange and lemon to help stimulate the skin surface, exfoliate dead skin cells and soothe the skin.

New research on the scientific front is also finding maple leaf extract might help with maintaining elastin in the skin. Researchers at the University of Rhode Island1 recently studied the phenolic compounds in the leaves which contain gallotannins (GCGs). In the laboratory, these have been found to inhibit elastase activity in the test tube, the enzymes that cause a break down in collagen. Prior research in this lab also found that the same GCGs might be able to protect skin from inflammation and lighten dark spots, such as unwanted freckles or age spots.


Maple Products and Treatments

When looking for products and treatments that incorporate this fall favorite, it’s important to look for ones that have been properly formulated to balance pH and work in conjunction with other ingredients, such as sustainably-harvested Seaweed extracts.

Seaweeds such as Laminaria Digitata have been found to be a source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as a source of many important nutrients, including polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes and bioactive peptides. Essential fatty acids help maintain our skin’s barrier, and polysaccharides such as Alginic Acid, help to lock moisture into our skin. Among marine resources, it is also one of the richest sources of natural antioxidants such as phlorotannins, sulfated polysaccharides, fucosterol and fucoxanthins.

 All skin types and concerns can enjoy the benefits of Maple leaf extract.  Here is a sampling of how you can incorporate this important ingredient into your daily program:



For Every Skin Type: Repêchage® Sea Cleanse® Foaming Seaweed Cleanser - This soap-free foaming cleanser removes dirt and debris without leaving your skin feeling dry or taut. A unique combination of natural surfactants, two select Seaweeds, Multi-Fruit Acids including Maple leaf extract and Soy Protein help keep skin feeling soft, smooth and clean without the feeling of dryness.

For Brightening Skin: BIOLIGHT® Brightening Cleanser - Formulated to remove daily grime, pollution and makeup. Our exclusive Laminaria Complex contains Seaweeds combined with Multi-Fruit Extract including Maple leaf extract, Willow Bark, Gotu Kola and Licorice extracts to reveal a more luminous looking complexion. Daisy extract helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Your first step to brighter, more radiant looking skin.


To Invigorate: Repêchage® FUSION™ Chocolate Espresso INVIGORATE Face & Body Sugar Scrub Awakens your senses and your skin with Cocoa, Coffee, a Multi-Fruit AHA Complex containing Maple leaf extract, Madagascar Vanilla and Seaweed extracts to help exfoliate and reveal glowing skin.

To Deep Cleanse: Repêchage® FUSION™ Matcha Lemongrass DEEP CLEANSE Face & Body Sugar Scrub - Smooths and exfoliates with Matcha Green Tea, Lemongrass, Aloe, a Multi-Fruit AHA Complex and Seaweed extracts to reveal skin that looks and feels rejuvenated and refreshed.



For Normal to Dry Skin: Repêchage® Hydro-Complex ® PFS Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin - This luxurious, rich facial cream deeply hydrates, but with its unique silky texture, it glides on smooth, deeply moisturizing without feeling heavy. This award-winning formula is comprised of Laminaria Digitata and Ascophyllum Nosodum Seaweeds, Lactic Acid and a Multi-Fruit AHA with Maple leaf extract to help to gently exfoliate and renew your skin while it hydrates.


What are some of your favorite ways to use Maple? Let us know in the comments below.

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