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If you have combination skin, you know how hard it is to find a skincare routine that works. It’s a never-ending journey of feeling like a detective trying to crack the code on what products to use and a constant tug-of-war between an oily T-Zone and dry patches along the cheeks. Every bottle promises to answer your skin struggles, but how do you know which one will really be effective? That’s why we created the new T-Zone Balance Starter Collection for Combination Skin, a five-step program to deep cleanse, refine, and hydrate combination skin without clogging pores. This collection contains everything needed for an at-home skin care program — with enough product to see results. 

Julie Mahoney understands the challenge of addressing two completely different skin types on a client. She's an esthetician and owner of Oasis Day Spa in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and has been using Repêchage’s products for over four decades. “You want to trust that you can address the dryness and dehydration without using a product that will be comedogenic or too heavy on the oil-producing areas,” she says. After seeing how the T-Zone Start Collection products perform on combination skins, Mahoney says she can confidently attest they work. “The products are lightweight and non-comedogenic but deliver hydration and the protection the skin needs, especially in my region with the harsh New England weather,” she says. Read along as we break down the T-Zone Balance Starter Collection and why it’ll be your new skincare bestie 

What’s in the Kit? 

“The T-Zone Balance line is so luxurious, nourishing, and incredibly lightweight,” shares Juan Silva, a skin therapist and esthetician at Silva Skin and Soul Spa in Orlando, Florida. “The line works harmoniously to soothe, super hydrate, refine, and protect skin.” 

Here’s what’s inside: 

T-Zone Balance Cleansing Complex: This product is formulated with St. John’s Wort and green and white teas to gently deep cleanse the skin

T-Zone Balance Toning Complex: Featuring St. John's Wort and green and white tea extracts, the toning complex helps to calm, soothe, and balance combination skin. Use after cleansing or as often as desired to refresh your complexion.

T-Zone Balance Hydrating Serum: This new serum blends two forms of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide/vitamin B3 to hydrate the skin’s surface layer while refining pores. 

T-Zone Balance Moisture Complex: Lactic acid, St. John’s Wort, niacinamide, inositol, fructose, and green and white tea extracts help to smooth and hydrate skin without greasiness.

Honey and Almond Scrub: Our pure honey, oatmeal, and almond meal scrub smells divine and helps purify and deep cleanse to leave skin clean and smooth.

Magic in the Formula

No conversation about the new T-Zone collection would be complete without shining a spotlight on one of its standout products: the T-Zone Balance Hydrating Serum. “This formula is a beautiful silky serum that is not too watery and easily glides on the skin,” says Mahoney. 

This serum is unique because of the dual forms of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide/vitamin B3. “Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in water and boosts hydration, even attracting more moisture to the skin improving elasticity,” says Silva. This product works synergistically to restore hydration to both dry and oily areas of the face by using two distinct types and sizes of hyaluronic acid, strategically designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, providing additional advantages. 

Carmen Moran, the spa manager at PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, is an advocate of the T-Zone serum. At 50, she wanted a serum that fights aging and is gentle on her sensitive skin. “At first I shied away from anything in the T-Zone line because I think it’s more of [product] for problematic skin,” she admits. Moran changed her mind after she saw words like “hydrating,” “hyaluronic acid,'” and “vitamin C” on the box. Since using it, Carmen’s skin isn't dry anymore, and her makeup goes on super smooth. She has become such a fan that she’s incorporated it into her routine every day, both in the morning and at night. 

How to Use the T-Zone Balance Starter Kit

There are two ways to embrace the new T-Zone Starter Kit. The first involves indulging in a rejuvenating T-Zone Balance Facial. Even a veteran like Mahoney was wowed when she first performed the facial. “I did not think I needed this facial,” she says. “I was amazed. I can see that much thought and planning went into developing this facial system.” 

The facial unfolds with a thorough cleansing, a blissful facial massage, and gentle exfoliation using the Honey & Almond scrub, followed by the application of two luxurious face masks for hydration and balance. You can also incorporate LED or Kansa Wands into the mix. 

Mahoney’s clients witness visible differences immediately, often expressing that they feel like they have brand-new skin. To maintain that coveted glow, we recommend scheduling this Repêchage facial every six weeks to every few months, tailoring the frequency to specific skin conditions. 

For those who prefer the comfort of their own skincare haven, the starter kit offers an accessible and enjoyable at-home alternative, encompassing most aspects of the facial protocol. Silva recommends incorporating daily product use with gentle exfoliation as needed and suggests a monthly facial visit for optimal results — though, more frequent visits are always welcome. The outcome promises radiant, healthy, and smooth skin, with fewer breakouts and diminished skin congestion.

Ready to reap the benefits of our T-Zone Balance products for combination skin? Check out the complete combination skin care collection to cleanse, refine, and hydrate your skin for the ultimate glow-up.

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