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Shopping can be simple, and even fun sometimes, but around this time of year it can get to be tiring and tedious. There are so many different people to buy gifts for, and they all have such different tastes and needs. If only there was a one-stop shop where one could find something for everyone in a perfectly sized portion… Wait a minute. There is! It’s at, and in this week’s blog we’re going to be giving you five different gifting options that will help you find the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone of your friends or family on

  1. For the sleepy one – There’s bound to be someone you know this holiday season that is working extra hard and not getting as much rest as they should. You could get them a pair of sunglasses to hide those tired eyes, but there’s a better option. Present your tired loved one with the Bright Eyes Gift Set! This set contains Eye Rescue Pads and Opti-Firm® Eye Contour Cream, a beneficialpairing of eye treatments. The pads helpsoothe and refresh tired eyes andthecream helps toreduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.
  2. For the makeup maven – Nowadays we all know someone who is like a makeup artist in training. They seem to have every single product in existence. There’s not a palette in the world nor lip liner available they haven’t tried. So, what are you to do? Get them a gift that works with their passion, the Instant Perfection Gift Set! Included in this set are One-Minute Exfoliating Mask and Algo Mist®. One-Minute Exfoliating Mask will be her best friend because the removal of dead skin cells will provide a perfect canvas to work with, making all her existing products function better. Algo Mist®, in addition to being a great hydrating spray, it can also help set makeup, so you feel good while you look good!
  3. For the seasonally dry one – If you know someone suffering from cracked, dry winter skin, you could know the perfect candidate to receive a Gifts From The Sea Gift Set. Seasonal dryness affects a lot of people, with dry skin being the number one skincare complaint in the winter. Nip it in the bud with the one-two combination of C-Serum® Seaweed Filtrate and Hydro-Complex® PFS for dry skin. C-Serum®, short for cytoserum,  helps allskin types feel softer and smoother. After applying C-Serum®, go ahead and seal it in with Hydro-Complex® PFS, our CEO’s favorite daily moisturizer, containing seaweed,which helps give your skin a silky-smooth texture.
  4. For the traveler – It’s not easy packing for travel, especially during the holidays when you may be bogged down with presents or coat-filled luggage. Choosing the essentials is made easy however with the Repêchage® Trio Gift Set. This beautiful travel kit comes in a clear zippered tote bag and contains C-Serum®, One-Minute Exfoliating Mask, and Mineral Face Shield®. One-Minute Exfoliating Mask is perfect to slough off all the buildup accumulated from traveling and prepares your skin for every other step in your routine. Follow that up with C-Serum®, patting this lightweight serum onto your freshly exfoliated skin. Last, but certainly not least prep your skin for makeup with Mineral Face Shield®. By following these steps, your skin will stay glowing no matter the destination.
  5. For the suds-soaker - Know someone who loves their bubble baths and makes sure they get in the tub at least once a week? These rituals can be super relaxing, but run the risk of being drying. Give them the Gift of Spa Gift Set to ensure skin stays feeling soft and smooth. Begin your routine with a scrub courtesy of Sea Spa Glow, an all-over body exfoliator based on Dead Sea salts, Seaweed, and Olive Oil. Once your rough edges are smoothed out, keep that healthy glow all day by sealing in all that moisture with Seaweed Body Cream, a luxurious cream enriched with Seaweed, Aloe, and Vitamin E among other nourishing ingredients. When it’s not bath time, get the same velvety texture at any time with Sea Spa Hand Cream. Containing Shea Butter, Seaweed, and Lavender Oil, this deliciously scented cream is perfect for these dry, winter days when hands are most in need of some TLC.
  6. For the mask lover - Masks are all the rage right now so there's bound to be a skincare aficionado you're shopping for. They are great for multitasking, allowing you to mask while you do your daily chores, so you are always able to find the time for skin care. If you feel your special skin care someone has it all though, think again. There is a definitely a mask they don't have that is effective yet gentle -- FUSION™ Face Masks! Just released this holiday season and available in four different "flavors", there's an option for everyone! Whether your skin demands the cleansing power of matcha, the soothing of chocolate, the nourishing provided by pumpkins or the brightening qualities of berries, it's all here in a beautiful clay mask.

What are some other Repêchage products that would make great stocking stuffers? Comment below!

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