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It would be nice to have our own personal skin care team on call to make us look gorgeous day and night, but who, besides a Kardashian or Hadid, can afford that?  

Here, we’re revealing some top secrets and tips about classic products culled from our team of skin care and makeup experts that will give you the tools to be your own skin care glam squad in a pinch.


Cleanser Confidential

Pump it Up: Airless pumps dispense cleanser accurately and hygienically, so that you get just the right amount of cleanser and it is preserved within the unit without any exposure to the air. 

Cross Use:  Clients and professionals have told us how they have seen great results with creamy seaweed-based cleansers formulated for mature skin types, such as the Repêchage Vita Cura® Triple Action Cleansing Cream,in many skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.


Don’t Just Splash and Dash: Apply a cleanser with upward circular motion on face and throat area, then wipe off with wet cotton and rinse with lukewarm water and follow with a toner or spray mist.


Toner To-Do’s

Multi-Tasking Toners: Toners in spray form can be multi-functional.  Our pros like to use seaweed-based spray mists, such as Algo Mist® Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray


to help balance skin after cleansing, rehydrate skin on the go, and even as a setting spray for long-lasting makeup. They also recommend refreshing makeup with a light misting anytime to rehydrate skin and prevent foundation and eye makeup from caking or migrating into creases.

Chill:Our pros love to stash toners in the fridge to make the application even more refreshing.  You can even keep one in a cooling tote for a refreshing, rehydrating blast after a run or workout at the gym.

The Right Way to Spray:One trick is be sure to hold the bottle six inches from the face, close eyes and spray from the forehead downwards, not  upwards from below the chin, to prevent the mist from going up the nose!


Masks and Scrubs Rx:

More Than Masks:Our skin care experts love to use exfoliating scrub masks based on gentle rice bran wax beads, such as the One-Minute Exfoliating Mask, as prep to applying a sheet mask, moisturizing and makeup application.  Men love to use in the shower as a pre-shave skin prep as well, helping to lift hairs for a smoother shave.

Mix It Up:With natural exfoliators, like our Honey and Almond Scrub, our pros like to mix the scrub with buttermilk or plain yogurt to give it a milky texture.  To do at home, mix one part of the scrub with the additive and blend.  You can also mix with one part cleanser for an extra cleansing boost!


One Up the Mask:Sheet masks infused with seaweed can be a great way to give skin a real boost of benefits, from soothing and calming to brightening and hydrating.  But, our pros suggest taking it to the next level by using a massage tool such as our Kansa Wand or Silver Ball Massager to relax the facial muscles and renew the skin’s surface.  You can even apply our at-home Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine over the mask to further enhance the benefits of the mask while stimulating the surface layers of the skin.


Dream Creams and Serums:

Electrolyte-Boosting Serums:Serums made from pure seaweed filtrate, such as our cyto-serum C-Serum® Seaweed Filtrate Face Serum, not only contain high levels of vitamins from seaweed, but also electrolytes such as magnesium, known to be beneficial to promoting a healthy appearance. It’s like a sports drink for the skin!


Apply Like a Pro: Our experts always recommend applying facial moisturizer cream to the face with upward and outward strokes. For the neck and throat, massage in downward strokes.  For eye cream, apply around the eye contour area in a circular motion. For best results, apply with a gentle tapping motion, using your index finger.

Mineral Cream for the Finish: Applying a waterless mineral-based cream before makeup is the most-often missed essential step to a skin-care regime.  Waterless formulas, such as our Mineral Face Shield®, are more hygienic because they resist contamination, and provide mineral protection from environmental aggressors such as pollution while helping to mattify the skin for long-lasting makeup.


Do you have any favorite skin care tips? Share them with us in the comments!


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