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What’s the secret to perfect lips? To get your lips smooth, flake-free, perfectly hydrated and ready for a pop of color there are some professional tricks that can help.

Full, pink lips are a sign of youth and health — We're sharing our expert tips that will leave you with the perfect pout this fall.

Morning and Night: Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliating for a lip look? 100% yes! When creating any lip look, exfoliating should always be your first step.

Our Chocolate Espresso Face & Body Sugar Scrub has a soft, creamy formula that uses sugar and coffee beans to exfoliate and remove flakiness.

Sugar scrubs are great for lips, as sugar particles are small and gentle. Cocoa (chocolate) is naturally moisturizing, while sugar has natural humectant properties, drawing moisture in. 

This will help leave your lips moisturized, soft and ready for application. (Bonus: This exfoliator also has a warming effect and can be used on your entire face and body!)


How to apply a lip exfoliator:

With wet fingertips, place a small amount of product directly on your lips, gently rub in with your fingers, and wash off with a lavender essential oil towel for further soothing.

During the Day: Use Hydrating Lip Products

After you've exfoliated and created the perfect canvas for color, it’s time to apply your favorite lip gloss!

To achieve smooth lips with lasting color, choosing the right lip gloss is key. A formula with ingredients like Mafura Oil, Shea Butter and Seaweed extracts, like those found in our Perfect Skin Conditioning Lip Gloss, can help keep your lips super hydrated while imparting the perfect dose of color.

How to apply lip gloss:

Apply gloss in your desired shade to sloughed and prepped lips, ensuring that application is even and not too thick.

At Night: Use a Skin-Friendly Oil 

At night, you want to follow exfoliation with a skin-friendly oil to help reduce the appearance of flakiness and chapped lips.

Essential Oil of Seaweed uses Vitamin E and Seaweed extracts that will hydrate your lips and keep them smooth.

This multi-functional facial oil can be applied on your lips, around your eye contour area and even your cuticles to boost hydration.

How to apply an oil:

Place one drop of oil directly on your lips. Using circular motions, gently massage the oil in with your fingers. Blot your lips with a tissue or makeup sponge to ensure product has been fully absorbed and there is no excess oil.

That’s it – you’re done! See? Achieving a perfect pout can be done in just a few easy steps.

Have more beauty tips for perfect lips? Leave a comment below! 

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