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For those about to shop, we salute you!  It's just after the Thanksgiving meal, the rest of the family is passed out on the couch in food comas, but you know this is the quiet before the storm and your battle is just beginning. Despite the drowsiness setting in, you vow to fight on. Tis the season to seize the savings, which is why we’ve compiled the five best energy boosting tips to get you on your way to becoming the baroness of bargains.

Soak it all in

Top athletes go into a meditative state before a competition, often isolating themselves and visualizing their success while enjoying an activity they love such as listening to music. Your go to? A foaming seaweed bath & scrub to put your body and mind on the right track. You worked hard today! All that food didn’t get itself off the plate, and if you helped cook the meal or cooked it all yourself, you deserve this even more. This is your chance to take some me time, go into your happy place and let the world melt away while visions of discounts and BOGOs dance in your head.

Fuel up with the good stuff – and we don’t mean stuffing.

While you outlasted the rest of the family and beat the post-meal drowsiness, you’re going to need a pick me up to get you through the long night of shopping that lies ahead. Before you get out the door, we’ve got you covered with a light, energizing juice recipe that will have you sprinting to the checkout.

The food court is out of bounds!

No visit to the mall is complete without at least strolling by the food court and window shopping with your nose, but today’s not the day! If keeping your energy reserves up is your goal for the night, the fatty, greasy foods in the mall food court are your worst enemy. One bite of that General Tso’s will leave you feeling sluggish, and the pep that soda’s offer will just have you crashing in a couple hours. Pack some healthy granola bars or baby carrots if you know your sweet tooth will be bothering you throughout the night. It’s much healthier for you and won’t have you dozing off when you’re opening all your new goodies at home.

Twilight Savings Time

You did it. You braved the traffic, the crowds and the elements and walked away with amazing deals. You earned the best prize of all, a good night’s sleep. Getting your full beauty rest is important because your body has been through a lot since Thanksgiving began, and it needs sleep to enter recovery mode, so don’t delay! Bring the spa home with a relaxing foot soak and foot cream, put on some soothing eye pads and zone out. Plus, waking up without puffy bags and dark circles under your eyes makes it a lot more fun to take pictures with that new camera you got.

Consider waiting until Cyber Monday

Long ago it was rumored people didn’t go shopping on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday at midnight and spent time in with their families. Farfetched, right? If you’re a time traveler or part of a historical reenactment society and didn’t shop this Black Friday, you can join the millions of other Americans who didn’t get their fix of shopping and partake in the wonderful new tradition of Cyber Monday! All the savings of Black Friday from the convenience of home. Or work. Basically, anywhere there’s internet.

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