How to Treat Sunburn | 4 Tips to Soothe, Protect & Prevent | Sunburn Remedies

How to Treat Sunburn | 4 Tips to Soothe, Protect & Prevent | Sunburn Remedies

You just came back from a beautiful day at the beach and your weekend couldn’t be going any better, when... your skin starts tingling. You go to scratch an itch on your back, and the moment your nails make contact your eyes go wide and your mouth lets out an “OUCH!”, and there’s that horrible realization. You run to the mirror and there it is, that red glow, the tingling cheeks, the reverse raccoon eyes.

You’re sunburned.

So much for the best weekend ever. Guess that’s it, all you can do is wait now, right? Not so fast! There’s much more you can do than just wait out the burn and keep all your friends at least an arm’s distance away from your back.

When we get a cut and want it to heal fast, we put ointment on it to speed up the recovery process, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your skin after a sunburn? If you want to treat a sunburn, you also have to take care of it, and the sooner the better!

A sunburn is nothing more than a giant wound on your skin, and it needs nourishing, cooling and constant hydration. Every sunburn over a lifetime increases the chances of getting wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and worst of all, skin cancer.

The consequences of a bad burn far outweigh any benefit of spending that extra few hours in the direct sunlight with no protection.

This week’s video goes over tips to soothe, protect and prevent it from happening again, because remember: You only get one skin.


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