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As we continue to adjust to the new “normal,” many of us are required to wear face coverings in public, or, if working in the health care or service field, may even be required to wear respirators and other PPE through-out our workday.  

The result: many people are also experiencing redness, irritation and even breakouts under the mask due to trapped moisture and bacteria.   And now, summer heat and humidity can exacerbate these problems even more. 

First, be sure that you are wearing the right mask, and using and disposing of it correctly. Then, there are ways to help keep skin in optimum condition under the mask to prevent skin problems from occurring.

Here, we’ve compiled some key tips to keep skin smooth and breakout free. 

  1. Keep the Mask Clean: To cut down on moisture and bacteria build-up, put a tissue inside the mask, whether it is a disposable mask or a washable cloth type.  Change the tissue once an hour if you are wearing the mask for a prolonged period.  Be sure to wash a cloth mask every day, and dry thoroughly.  If the mask is disposable, and has a shiny, water-resistant side, be sure to keep that side on the outside of the face.  
  1. Keep Skin Clean: Keep the face clean with a daily cleansing with a mild seaweed-based cleanser with Micro Silver to help eliminate dirt, oils and debris from the face while helping reduce redness and irritation. Thoroughly pat skin dry. 
  1. Hydrate Properly: Even though you want to reduce trapped moisture, you still need to moisturize your skin. Use a non-emulsion hydrating product such as a serum after cleansing based on your skin type.  Emulsions combine oil and water which can be comedogenic when worn under an occlusive mask. Serum formulas still contain hydrating ingredients, but without oils that can cause sebum build-up. 

4.Waterless Daily Protection:  For daily protection, look for an environmental protection cream that utilizes micronized titanium or zinc oxide in a waterless formula (waterless creams help prevent harbouring bacteria)  to help block pollution and other detrimental factors from the elements while cushioning the skin. 

  1. Non-Comedogenic Makeup: If you are wearing foundation, look for one that is mineral based and contains skin care ingredients like seaweed that nurture the skin without clogging the pores. Try Repechage Perfect Skin Foundation.  
  1. Soothe Skin: If skin is constantly irritated by constricting face masks and respirators, give your skin a soothing at-home facial with a convenient sheet mask that contains Seaweed extract, Allantoin, Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid and Mirabilis Jalapa extract to bathe skin in moisture while it helps to soothe the appearance of the skin. Use once or twice a week to help lessen the visible appearance of redness on the skin and restore moisture. 
  1. At-Home Facial: For a more intensive treatment, Repêchage has released a previously professional-only treatment for consumer use during this time, the Red-Out® Express Soothing Facial. This express professional treatment contain the Red-Out Soothing Sheet Mask as well as cleanser, toner, serum and day cream utilizing Seaweed and Micro Silver to provides a full soothing facial, Each step is contained in individual, pre-measured packets opened at the time of the treatment for the ultimate in hygiene and potency.


Have any skin care questions?  Leave in the comment section.





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