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What to get Mom for Mother’s Day?  We all know she is always busy helping everyone else, so the best gift is some much-needed “me time,” and there’s nothing better for “me time” than beauty products.  How to make sure she can fit it into her busy schedule?  We’ve broken down the many Mom jobs to help you choose the type of beauty product she needs. 

The Office Mom

She’s commuting, going to meetings, finishing projects, and generally kicking butt and taking names. When she gets home, there’s probably more work waiting there too, but not before you give her a reason to unwind.

Surprise this mom with a seaweed bath so she can kick back spa-style. If she’s so inclined, pair it with a glass of wine to give her a reason to enjoy the bath a little more!

The Working At-Home Mom

Whether she’s running the household or running her own business at home (or doing both at the same time!), this mom is basically CEO and staff, all at once, and to do so, has become an expert at multi-tasking.

For a mom that has no time to unwind, get her some skin care that will work with her non-stop schedule! Face Masks allow you to do double the work through multi-masking!

She can apply a cleansing and brightening mask and get gorgeous while holding down the fort.

The Active Mom 

Some moms are the Energizer Bunnies of life: they seem to have boundless energy, to the point where you wonder if they have an off button.

If your mom is more likely to train for a marathon than enjoy a lazy Sunday, there’s a lot of great options! Help her chill out with a seaweed-based cooling mist, and help her get super clean post-workout with a clay cleansing mask to help give her a deep pore cleanse.

The Expecting Mom 

Soon-to-be moms count too! If you know someone who’s waiting on a bundle of joy to arrive, help her to appreciate her time alone (it’s not going to last!) with a body oilto help soften skin all over.

The Beauty-OBSESSED Mom 

Are you finding that you’re raiding your mom’s makeup stash more than she is yours?

Get her a Repêchage gift card. She can go wild on our web store and browse all of our collections, from age-defying solutions to sensitive skin care, there will definitely be something that’s right for her.

Every Mom 

You can never go wrong with a spa gift card. ALL moms love and appreciate a gift that gives them an outlet to relax, unwind, and de-stress, like a relaxing, much-needed facial or body treatment

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