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Navigating the world of beauty and skincare can feel like a whirlwind, especially with the recent buzz surrounding pre-teens indulging in beauty and skincare products. With the surge of TikTok and social media, conversations about the ideal age to start a skincare routine have emerged. The current wave of influence is unprecedented, leaving us all contemplating: What products are suitable for us, and what should we avoid or reserve for another time?

Whether starting your skincare ritual in your early 20s or navigating the journey well into your 50s, the ever-changing landscape of ingredients and routines can be perplexing. Claudia Fabian, an esthetician and self-described “pro-age beauty expert” from The Beauty Debut podcast, uses her platform to empower women aging gracefully. She emphasizes that skin needs vary with stress, environment, diet, and hormones. “I think at every age, one can experience breakouts, dryness, dehydration, and inflammation,” Fabian says. “Aging is just a costume change,” she quips, highlighting the dynamic nature of our skin's needs. 

Here, licensed estheticians provide invaluable insights about aging gracefully. Plus, we’ll break down the Repêchage product lineup and highlight ideal selections for your skincare journey. 

How do Tailored Skincare Products Benefit Women?

Rebecca Rodrigues, a millennial esthetician at MassageLuxe in Cape Coral, Florida, stresses the significance of tailored skincare. “Everybody's skin is different and needs unique attention and a skincare routine tailored for their skin type,” she says. Rodrigues, like Fabian, acknowledges that our skin barrier fluctuates due to various factors like surroundings, environmental elements, and hormones. Paying heed to these changes is just as important as our overall health.

Maintaining a proper skincare regimen is essential, and selecting the appropriate products for your routine can help address specific skin concerns and conditions, leading to effective results when adhering to a disciplined approach and acquiring proper knowledge.

What’s Important to Know About Aging Skin? 

“As an esthetician and a woman in her 50s, I think [the focus] should always be skin health,” says Fabian. “The goal is healthy skin at every age,” she emphasizes, celebrating aging as a true gift. Fabian encourages clients to prioritize the health of their skin in the present moment instead of trying to focus on “anti-aging” or “age reversal.” 

Skin Over the Years 

As our skin evolves, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. However, Repêchage offers a diverse range of products catering to various skin types. Fabian, a devoted Repêchage fan for over three decades, attests to the product's reliability and effectiveness. “I love that these products do what they say they will do,” she says. “The results you get from the facials are superior and, more importantly, reliable. They're simply the best.”

Rodrigues recommends using masks for generally "younger" skin that may be more prone to oiliness, especially theOne Minute Mask from Repêchage's lineup. This exfoliating and masking combination aids in deep cleansing and absorbs excess oil, effectively minimizing the appearance of blackheads. She also lauds theHydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask for its richness in seaweed and kaolin clay, which is ideal for controlling oil and beneficial for problem-prone and oily skin.

Leslie Crowell, Global Elite Spa Aesthetic Department Leader of Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique in Marietta, Georgia and CIDESCO Diploma Holder, emphasizes that specific skincare needs emerge, such as firmness, nourishment, and moisture, as life progresses. Crowell advises incorporating eye treatments, serums, and décolletage treatments for a youthful appearance starting in your mid-30s to 40s. "The age of 'Good Ole Soap and Water' IS DEAD," Crowell exclaims.  "Age appropriate skincare habits for each and every age group should become as common as the statement above," she says. She advises to begin skincare support and care to maintain youthfulness as soon as your mid-30s to 40s to ensure you look good and feel good moving forward. 

When addressing mature skin, Wendy Woodside of Wendy City Faces in Aurora, Illinois, suggests paying attention to the skin's thinness, delicateness, and loss of elasticity rather than fixating on a specific age. “I take age and skin condition into factors when determining which [products] I want to recommend to clients,” says the 66-year-old. Her go-to, theC-Serum® Seaweed Filtrate Serum, is hailed as a game-changer for improving hydration and pigmentation issues.

Woodside and Crowell recommendThe Vita Cura Skincare series for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Crowell also advocates forVita Cura B 3 Serum Complex for smoothness and lifting and theVita Cura B 3 Elixir Complex to target visible signs of aging with intense moisturizing.

With the seasoned insights of estheticians like Fabian, Rodrigues, Crowell, and Woodside, combined with the personalized approach to skincare championed by Repêchage, you're poised to begin a skincare journey that not only addresses your specific skin concerns but also celebrates the inherent beauty of every age.

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