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Can Valentine’s Day even happen if chocolate isn’t a part of it? Probably not, right? It’s the treat most synonymous with this day of love and romance, and whether you’re in a relationship, single for the moment, or just taking each day as it comes (without dating pressure barreling in), you’ll enjoy chocolate just the same. We have our favorites when it comes to Valentine’s Day indulgences — champagne-filled nibs, sea salt caramels, anything with a sultry ganache drizzle — but while we’re on the subject of self-care and self-gratification, we’re all for skin care powered by chocolate and/or cocoa. And not just creams and body butters thatsmell intoxicating, but rather, targeted and solution-oriented face and body treatments that channel cocoa in truly skin-perfecting ways. 

It’s only gluttonous and problematic (for the skin) when sugar and dairy are involved  

Yes, we wouldn’t say that breaking out the milk chocolate truffles is a great thing to do on the regular, but when cocoa is prepared in skin care formulations, it’s a wholly different story. Not unlike the calming, endorphin-boosting effect edible chocolate has on a person who’s imbibing, cocoa beans or cacao beans have a notoriously positive and satisfying effect when used topically, on the skin. Anti-aging and antioxidant properties, plus incredible moisturizing capacities make cocoa powder a seriously standout ingredient.  

As an anti-ager: When cocoa is thrown around as a “superfood” for skin, it’s not in vain. The powder (or cocoa oil or cocoa butter that is confectioned from cocoa beans) contains a number of viable compounds that nourish and protect the skin against environmental stressors (the natural aging process as well as over treatment with products and chemicals that harm the skin) and promote an exceptionally vibrant and youthful glow. 

As an antioxidant: Cocoa extract and cocoa powder, rich in flavonols, are both proven opponents of free radicals; they reduce oxidative stress in the body, do a solid job of repairing damage to the skin and improving skin’s elasticity, and also limit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

As a moisturizer: This is probably the most well-known reputation for cocoa (after all, cocoa butter has long been considered the holy grail for its skin-soothing, stretch mark-reducing perks), and it still holds its weight for softening, conditioning, and providing relief to chapped or overly dry skin.   

All of the cocoa we use at Repêchage is sourced from the dried and ground seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree and used to create a safe and environmentally-friendly exfoliant (that also has a phenomenal natural ‘chocolatey’ fragrance).  

Our new Vita Cura® CelluSea Smooth™ Multi-Action Body Exfoliator

If there’s one delicious chocolate treat you’ll want todig into this Valentine’s Day, literally, it’s our brand-newCelluSea Smooth™ Body Exfoliator. The decadent sugar-based scrub is meant to be used in the shower, where it can be slathered all over the body. And if you ask us, that sounds just about right for some pampering “me time” on Cupid’s holiday, 

The product is formulated with our proprietary blend of seaweed extract, Laminaria Digitata, cocoa, and caffeine extracts, plus a rich multi-fruit complex (which blends orange, lemon, and sugar maple extracts, among others) to improve the appearance of contours and slough off dry, dull skin for a softer, smoother, and more toned look (courtesy of aloe leaf powder). A natural mix of essential Mint Oils, including spearmint and peppermint oil, also help invigorate the skin, while leaving it cool and refreshed. 

Essentially, it’s like a mint chocolate espresso shot for your body, and the texture is out of this world. What better way to go to bed after a long day (especially Valentine’s DayMonday, ugh) than with a rejuvenating mint chocolate elixir that rivals any mint-on-the-pillow turndown service at the most luxurious resort around. 

Following the body exfoliator with our similarly-cocoa-seed-butter-enhancedVita Cura® CelluSea Lift™ Body Contour Cream is just the thing to supercharge your Valentine’s Day self-care experience. Not to mention, it’s a great way to foster a foolproof skin care routine through the winter and into spring, because cocoa never goes out of style!!  

P.S. If you have some time to spare on Valentine’s Day, the 15th (Singles Day, another perfect occasion for some treat yourself time), or beyond, see if you can book a FUSION Chocofina Facial Treatment at  one of our Repêchage Spas

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