The Inspiration Behind Lydia's Creation & FUSION Retail Collection

The Inspiration Behind Lydia's Creation & FUSION Retail Collection

When it comes to good skin care, one can never start too young! Hear skin care industry expert Lydia Sarfati’s story of how her children and grandchildren inspired the new FUSION at-home collection – a natural skin care line loaded with natural and organic skin care ingredients that are safe for children AND powerful enough to deliver some of the most potent vitamins and minerals the Earth has to offer. When you combine the best of the earth with the best of the sea, you get the best of both worlds, a true synergistic effect meant to leave you feeling recharged and ready to put your best face forward. The bevy of organic ingredients in FUSION contain some of the most powerful anti-oxidants available to the body, and these natural fighters help eliminate free radicals and the damage caused by them.  While the Express Bar & Spa Masks are available only to professionals at the moment, our the FUSION at-home products,  FUSION All Natural Face Moisturizer and FUSION All Natural Face and Body Wash, are just as luxurious, blending acai berry, organic coconut oil, olive oil, and vanilla and tea extracts, as well as Repêchage’s  Laminaria Complex.

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